Team alignment, connection, and focus on the correct results are maintained using’s OKR platform, which provides leaders with the insight they need into the work being done, whether in-person or remotely. Large and small businesses alike utilize to coordinate, monitor, and assess their strategic objectives and outcomes.

Users may establish, share, and monitor their priorities online at any time, from any location, using any web or mobile device. This assists customers in staying on track to fulfill their objectives by spotting difficulties in real-time and instantly informing teams of the problem.

Connections with collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Team, as well as data and human resource information system (HRIS) integrations, are all part of our OKR offering. Users will be able to monitor and manage their performance using the tools they are currently familiar with as a result of this. software that turns your goals into results’s deep, native connections with popular platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, JIRA, and Smartsheet. enables users to provide and receive real-time feedback, as well as produce bespoke reports, assisting teams in recognizing professional successes and analyzing individual or team performance, among other functions. Customers of include Slack, Remitly, Ticketmaster, Urban Company, and a number of other organizations.

To empower your team with clear objectives and to create top-down and bottom-up clarity throughout the whole business, is the OKR platform. OKRs, we feel, is the operating system for the current corporate environment. We tie every item of work throughout your business to your goals via more than 200 connectors, which we have developed.

We make it simple to adopt and administer OKRs by placing them right where the work takes place — in the tools that your team is already familiar with. Companies may use to empower their employees by setting clear objectives and never losing sight of the company’s overall success.

Check out a short snapshot of the day’s progress

With’s Projects, Milestones, and Tasks, there is no work that is done in isolation. Track the development of your company’s operations with precision, concentrating on efforts that produce results and immediately identifying critical business areas that demand attention.

Understand the “why” underlying each and every team effort

Easily match your workers’ everyday activities with corporate objectives and provide them with a clear understanding of their influence. Watch as your team becomes 10x more productive, engaged, and inspired to perform better as a result of this training.

Execution is critical, and provides you with just that. enables us to better align and connect our staff with our company’s objectives. Every team and person will have a clear sense of direction as a result of this.

Real-time progress updates can let you conduct more in-depth company evaluations

Review Dashboards allow you to see how your daily work compares to the company’s objectives. In just a few clicks, you can conduct successful weekly and monthly business reviews, as well as delve deep into real-time progress for targets, critical outcomes, and projects.

For all of your endeavors, there is a single source of truth’s deep, native connections with popular platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, JIRA, and Smartsheet instantly update progress on your team’s daily tasks and projects. You’ll never have to worry about making judgments based on outdated information or switching between programs in order to acquire the information you need again.

Companies like Amazon, Slack, DropBox, Google, and many more place their faith in the goals and key results approach to produce outcomes, build alignment, and improve agility in their organizations. Despite this, it is human nature to have some trepidation when confronted with a new technique.

When it comes to managing our OKRs, we’ve worked with suppliers in the past, but it wasn’t until we picked as our partner that we were able to have the difficult talks about justifying budgets and assigning resources based on the data we were seeing.

Excellent customer service that goes above and beyond the product to assist you in structuring your OKRs in the most efficient manner feasible. I would strongly suggest this for any company, whether they are new to or seasoned in the art of OKRs.

Ally’s product is feature-rich, and the business has some of the most powerful investors and financing in the industry. The product development cycle seems to be deliberate and rhythmic, which indicates that frequent changes to the platform may be expected.

We spend the majority of our time in the “chart view,” which serves as the single most reliable source of information for our team on corporate goals. When you contact customer support, they will offer you hands-on advice as they take you through the software, allowing you to make real-time adjustments to your OKR approach.

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