Are you becoming disinterested in your pricey – and cumbersome – a collection of cords and adapters that have accumulated in your room? Then make the switch to wireless!

If you have an ArkMC account, you may stream your music, films, and images from your Mac to any receiver, including a Smart TV, a mobile device, a games console, or another PC, without having to install anything else.

The best part is that it can all be done remotely. After all, you are living in the twenty-first century. It’s past time for you to start behaving like it by getting rid of all of your old-fashioned cords and moving on to the next level of wireless streaming technology.

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Do you have media on a variety of devices?

There is a simple and straightforward method to get access to all of your media files.

ArkMC provides easy access to your media by connecting to DLNA and UPnP Network Attached Storage, as well as your iPhone, iPad, and PC. Discover, browse, and replay material from a variety of wirelessly connected devices.

You’ll save a lot of space on your Mac if you play media wirelessly instead of storing it locally on your computer and using up valuable hard drive space on your machine.

Has your Mac’s hard drive reached its maximum capacity for storing all of your media?

You have an excessive amount of music, photographs, and motion pictures on your computer. Because it all needs to be kept someplace, the amount of data rapidly increases in size.

For those who are interested in doing so, ArkMC is a great choice since it enables you to transfer your media files such as photographs, music, and video to external devices such as NAS (Network Attached Storage) that support DLNA /UPnP while still having easy access to them.

It’s as if your data had never left your Mac in the first place! Make use of this simple approach to increase the storage capacity of your Mac and free up a significant amount of additional space. As a result, you will have more time for the other aspects of your life.

Do you have a large number of players?

With wireless streaming, you may send video from your Mac or a local network source straight to your Smart TV, AV receiver, gaming console, or wireless adapter, allowing you to view it whenever and wherever you choose.

You may stream to an almost infinite number of UPnP or DLNA compliant devices, and ArkMC is capable of supporting them all. You will be able to stream to numerous devices at the same time, which will make things even better.

Do you need to get your affairs in order?

Using ArkMC, you can easily build and manage playlists for your various players, which are easy to set up and maintain. You can make playlists on any device, whether it’s a television set, an AV receiver, a mobile iOS or Android device, or a gaming console, and you may use them on any device.

Every playlist may be populated with a variety of material from a variety of different sources, too. Not having to bother about organizing and reorganizing your media collection is a great relief. Simply store what you need in the location where you require it and you will be ready to go at any moment.

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