The world is changing, and despite the repeated warnings, we do not all need to learn to code. That is the purpose of the no-code movement and the growth of Citizen Coders. However, we addressed all of that in a previous piece. This is why you should Assign and manage tasks and processes instantly with Array.

This time, we’re going to demonstrate the value of no-code technologies and why they’re about to become critical to your company.

Convert paper documents into a mobile application

Enterprise software for your field to office team; empower them with the tools they need to succeed and keep the organization running smoothly.

The quickest path to more productive, efficient operations

Array makes work easier, faster, and safer. You can gather data from mobile teams, manage projects and jobs throughout your business, and produce meaningful reports all from your app or platform.

Accelerate the Process of Operational Excellence

Inefficient procedures eat up valuable time, money, and energy for your staff. Custom software should not behave similarly. Array saves you time, money, and allows your team to concentrate on what matters most.

Accelerate the time-to-market

Array allows you to develop your processes in a matter of days, not months. Equip your team with the ability to create and deliver the forms and processes they need. Array professionals are available to assist you in expanding your use cases and collaborating across departments in order to keep everyone connected.

Capable, user-friendly interface

Our drag-and-drop visual interface makes development accessible to a broader range of stakeholders, enabling those closest to day-to-day operations to construct and change the processes they are most familiar with.

Eliminate technical debt

There will be no more frequent updates, no more downtime, and far fewer issues. Array’s cloud-based platform manages all technical debt for you, allowing you to remain focused and productive. Technology advances at a breakneck pace and our technical staff maintain the Array software current to ensure that all your old and new devices remain linked.

There is no expense associated with the invention.

The range of tools and tiered subscription levels offered by Array enable you to experiment across company functions at no additional expense.

Facilitate Collaboration

Through varying levels of access, audit trails, and password-protected data, our collaborative platform enables team members to manage and create forms, documents, reports, tasks, and processes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Array maintains stringent security standards to provide your peace of mind. The Array team is constantly monitoring and maintaining all security, compliance, and infrastructure. We exceed industry norms.

Designed to scale

Array enables users to gather data through a mobile or desktop device, thereby eliminating the need for paper forms. Array mobile forms are used to track work completions, incidents, asset surveys, and subcontractor reports, among other things.

Array Assign and manage tasks
Increase the speed with which Operational Excellence is achieved Teams will lose time, money, and energy as a result of inefficient operations. It is not acceptable for custom software to behave in the same way. Array saves you time and money while freeing up your team’s time to concentrate on what is most important to them.

Array. Your Own Way.

With Array, you’ll never miss a mission-critical assignment. Application-driven procedures guarantee that your organization operates precisely as you want. Instantly assign and manage activities and processes throughout the enterprise – from the office to the field and everywhere in between. Never again will you have to worry about whether or not your remote staff is doing a good job. You may be certain that you are in total control.

That is, if they are not very critical at the moment.

Our current method of operation necessitates improved software.

Consider how your company operates for a minute. Consider all that each employee must do – from C-Suite decision-makers to team managers to the men and women in customer-facing jobs.

There are several. Workflows must be followed and procedures must be carried out. All of these are critical – critical in fact – but not necessarily efficient, structured, or intuitive.

Everyone is aware of what they need to accomplish, but doing so requires too many applications, too many spreadsheets, and moving from digital and paper to digital again, all the while wasting time, losing critical data, and increasing irritation.

However, the most vexing aspect? We are all familiar with the perfect method. It is simplified, integrated, and automated, but it is just not possible without investing time, money, and resources in back-end code creation and development.

However, what if you could accomplish that perfect method without the assistance of an expensive specialist developer?

Here comes the Citizen Coder.

This is where tools with no-code or low-code capabilities come into play. These are tools that anybody – not just skilled developers – may use and alter. With little instruction, anybody may become a “Citizen Coder,” using the frameworks given by no-code and low-code platforms such as Array to design the ideal tools to support the ideal processes.

When is it OK to use no-code (or low-code)?

Low-code and no-code solutions are ideal for teams with constrained development resources and a real desire to enhance their old systems via customization and reprogramming the tools they use to optimize procedures. They alleviate burden on support teams, automate operations, and enable organizations to operate more effectively.

Citizen Coders can design optimal, automated, digital systems that significantly simplify their daily chores. They have control over the modifications, which enables them to be more nimble and adaptive, making changes on the fly rather than waiting months for IT to plan and execute them.

Whether it’s your quality control procedures or your training, creating a bespoke solution with no-code tools is the ideal method to increase productivity.

You just modify an existing tool, such as Array, to do a new function. A manner that is convenient for you.

And this does not necessitate the elimination of development teams. This allows them to direct their efforts elsewhere.

No code is also applicable to developers.

Software engineers and developers have a certain amount of bandwidth available to them. We need to enable folks without technical expertise to create user-friendly products, enabling for rapid development of software applications. We need a reduction in the pressure on overworked technical staff and limited finances. Diginomica –

Allowing your workers to make quick adjustments to improve efficiency does more than making their lives simpler. Additionally, it simplifies life for your technical teams, developers, and programmers.

With Citizen Coders empowered to make modifications using no-code tools, your IT specialists may concentrate their efforts on low-code tools and bespoke development, rather than fighting fires for your non-technical team members.

Is Array the appropriate no-code solution for your needs?

Array is purpose-built to boost productivity by enabling any team member – regardless of technical proficiency – to employ automated operations. Array enables rapid and easy modification, and our staff can execute changes that your Citizen Coders are unable to manage within days.

It’s scalable, safe, structured, and keeps data conveniently accessible – all of which contribute to up to a 40% improvement in productivity when compared to conventional multitasking approaches. This is why you should Assign and manage tasks and processes instantly with Array.

In Action, an Array

5Q Partners specializes in commercial real estate IT solutions. Assessments and correction of technical issues associated with data center moves. This is the kind of task that needs documentation. There is an abundance of documentation. And, with data housed in a sophisticated Excel workbook, images saved elsewhere, and client-facing material delivered through PDFs, 5Q Partners’ agents were spending countless hours searching for, duplicating, and organizing data.

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