Are you considering creating a website using the Bluehost Website Builder? We’ll help you determine whether Bluehost Website Builder is the finest website builder for your requirements in this hands-on review.

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The website builder offered by Bluehost combines the greatest features of WordPress with high-quality hosting and a drag-and-drop page editor. Given that the builder is just slightly more expensive than Bluehost’s standalone shared WordPress hosting, it makes sense if you’re contemplating establishing a WordPress site with Bluehost.

Bluehost Website Builder is an easy-to-use website builder that is included with all of Bluehost’s hosting services. Although the builder is based on WordPress, you receive a totally customized interface for setting up and managing your website’s content.

By the conclusion of our Bluehost Website Builder review, you should have a decent notion of whether this tool is a good fit for you or whether another tool would be a better fit.

When you create a site, you’ll utilize a completely bespoke Bluehost Website Builder interface, which “feels” like a website builder. However, the WordPress software remains the engine that powers your site, and you retain access to the complete WordPress admin panel and the ability to add plugins as required.

Technically speaking, Bluehost Website Builder is nothing more than a WordPress theme. However, this is not your typical WordPress theme, since you’ll have complete control over everything using the exclusive Bluehost Website Builder interface.

Another significant consequence of this strategy is that you must continue to utilize Bluehost’s web hosting in order to use Bluehost Website Builder. Bluehost Website Builder is included with all Bluehost WordPress hosting plans, including the entry-level Basic plan.

Using the Bluehost Website Builder, you may construct a website.

You may utilize Bluehost’s WordPress installation tool to construct a new website powered by Bluehost Website Builder. The only difference is that at sign-up, you’ll choose the Bluehost Website Builder option rather than the “standard” WordPress software:

Configuration wizard that is simple to use

When you initially establish a new site, the setup wizard assists you in configuring critical site settings.

One of the most beneficial features is that you can input a keyword for the niche/purpose of your website and the builder will automatically choose a template that matches: Additionally, you’ll be able to customize other critical features like colors, logos, font, and contact information.

Editor with drag-and-drop functionality

After completing the setup tutorial, you’ll be able to completely personalize your website and all of its pages using the drag-and-drop editor included with Bluehost Website Builder.

The drag-and-drop editor follows a section-based structure, which is critical to comprehend.

In a nutshell, this section-based method simplifies the process of creating an attractive design.

Sections are essentially little templates that may be assembled similarly to Lego pieces to produce the ideal design.

Consider the top-of-the-page main section. Rather than placing the header text, button, and backdrop manually, you can just add the pre-built section, tweak it with your own information, and call it a day.

The integration, on the other hand, is not smooth. For instance, if you install a new plugin, it may be more difficult to utilize it in the Bluehost Website Builder than it is on the standard WordPress dashboard.

As a result, I’d argue that Bluehost Website Builder isn’t the greatest option if you want to utilize a large number of WordPress plugins and/or operate in the regular WordPress dashboard.

With that said, the built-in capabilities of Bluehost Website Builder might reduce the need for many plugins, so this may not be a problem. For instance, the builder provides pre-installed SEO and social network integration options.


  • It’s very user-friendly, owing in large part to the intuitive onboarding process.
  • Simply add a keyword to get a design for your specialty.
  • The section-based design technique is simpler for novices to comprehend since it eliminates the need to arrange every element in your design; instead, you can just connect pre-made pieces like Lego bricks.
  • Due to the fact that it is built on WordPress, you may continue to utilize the WordPress dashboard and add plugins. This allows you a greater degree of freedom than other website builders.


  • Because it is still a self-hosted WordPress site, it lacks the hands-off aspect of a truly hosted solution such as Wix or Squarespace.
  • Due to the builder’s section-based approach, it lacks the flexibility offered by a real drag-and-drop design tool. In general, section-based design is more straightforward but less adaptable.
  • The website designs are rather simple, so if you’re searching for something really distinctive, you may be disappointed.

The platform retains many of WordPress’s best features while simplifying the process of getting your site up and running with a managed WordPress installation; over 300 pre-built themes; and customizable content blocks. Additionally, you may upgrade to a managed Woo Commerce installation for online retailing.

While we wish Bluehost’s WordPress website builder had greater freedom in terms of content layout, it is without a doubt one of the finest WordPress website builders. We believe it’s more intuitive than other WordPress builders like BoldGrid. Additionally, you can create blog articles using the drag-and-drop editor, which is a significant benefit for people who use WordPress for its blogging skills.

While Bluehost’s website builder is not inexpensive, the basic plan is just marginally more expensive than Bluehost’s standalone shared WordPress hosting. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense if you’re already committed to utilizing WordPress to develop your website and want to host it on a high-quality server.

WordPress hosting that is managed

All Bluehost website builder plans offer unlimited managed WordPress hosting. This means that Bluehost automatically upgrades your WordPress installation and plugins, so you don’t have to. Additionally, you get a free SSL certificate and a complimentary domain name for one year.


Bluehost’s WordPress website builder includes over 300 pre-installed themes. Additionally, the Pro and Online Store subscriptions offer 30 premium themes that are ideal for online sales. At the moment, you cannot import third-party WordPress themes, however, Bluehost claims to be working on this capability.

Beyond the usual WordPress choices, the builder does not provide many more possibilities for customizing your theme. These allow you to customize the color scheme, fonts, and menus of your website. However, you do have access to the CSS code for your theme, which means that designers familiar with CSS coding may make nearly endless adjustments.

Manager of media

One of the primary benefits of utilizing Bluehost’s website builder is that you have access to the WordPress media manager. This integrated media manager allows you to easily post photographs, videos, and documents to your website. Files must be 512MB or less in size.

The WordPress media manager is a fantastic tool for organizing your material. Each object on your website may have a title, a description, and alt text, and all of this data is searchable. Additionally, there is a simple picture editor that allows you to trim and rotate photos.


Bluehost’s website builder simplifies the process of blogging. You have full access to all of WordPress’s regular blogging capabilities, including the ability to tag and classify articles and plan future entries.

Notably, you may create articles using either the regular WordPress post editor or the Bluehost website builder. The normal post editor provides a convenient authoring environment for text-heavy articles, whilst the website builder enables you to drag and drop content blocks for media-heavy posts.

Overall, Bluehost is the ideal web hosting provider for someone who is just getting started with their first website or blog. They’re an excellent “beginning” firm for those of you who don’t have the financial resources to invest in a more costly service like SiteGround, and they provide excellent value for the money you’re spending.

Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers excellent customer service, uptime, and overall value for money. In the event that you’re searching to host a WordPress website, this is the supplier for you. Bluehost is well-known for its well-built tools, page builders, and other tools that are smooth as butter to use. Bluehost is a fantastic choice for those who want to use WordPress and/or other popular content management systems. The page load times on this site are extremely fast.

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