Monetize your website with Adsterra

Monetize your website with Adsterra

Adsterra is widely recognized as one of the most reliable advertising networks for publishers. In order to provide you with the most secure and worry-free experience possible from a user experience (UX) point of view, it uses an efficient mix of unique checks.

Adsterra is an excellent method for monetizing worldwide website traffic thanks to its pop-under advertising and direct link advertisements. The company works with more than 200 geo’s. These formats function most well on streaming and downloading websites.

The CPM and CPC are consistently in the range of 0.05 and 0.18 dollars, which is acceptable. PayPal, Bitcoin, Paxum, Web Money, and Wire Transfer are the many methods of payment that may be used.

Payment withdrawal methods

Web Money and Paxum have a minimum payment requirement of $5, whereas Bitcoin and Paypal have a threshold of $100, and wire transfers need a threshold of $1,000. The payment term is 15 days from the date of the invoice.

Customer service

The customer service is excellent, and the staff does all they can to answer any questions you may have. The advertisements, although mostly responsive, may on occasion drive viewers to websites that contain spam. The very greatest part is that approval for your website is given very instantly.

Adsterra is now one of the best CPM advertising networks that are expanding globally. In addition to providing a diverse selection of ad types, it provides the best CPM rates available, which enables you to make more money off of the people that visit your website.

Adsterra is the appropriate solution for you if you are seeking a publishing platform that is both simple and effective, so that you may display advertisements on your website, blog, or Facebook pages.

How can I get started with Adsterra to start making money from my website?

To begin, you will need to register as a publisher. It may take up to 48 hours before you are informed of the status of your account. Bidding on impressions is required if you wish to sell advertising space on your website. If you use this link to contact us as an advertiser, we will provide you with a free consultation.

What is the very lowest amount that Adsterra will pay out?

The fact that you may choose from a variety of payment methods and that payments are sent every two weeks are two of the many benefits of utilizing Adsterra. The minimum amount required to withdraw is quite minimal, coming in at only $5 for both Webmoney and Paxum.

How helpful and friendly is Adsterra’s customer support team?

Every login account will provide you with the contact information of your personal account manager, including his work email address, so that you may get in touch with him anytime you have a question or concern with Adsterra. You may also submit tickets to obtain answers to problems that are associated with your account.


Advantages for content publishers:

  • 100% fill rate.
  • CPM rates that are both high and consistent.
  • Configuration options are very flexible and allow for more control over ad numbers, frequencies, verticals, and formats.
  • A variety of advertising types, including Popunder, Social Bar (brand new!), Push Ads, Banner Ads, Native Ads, Video preroll (VAST), and Direct Links. Use Smart Direct Link to generate revenue from your mobile applications.
  • Payouts are processed automatically twice every month on certain days, beginning with $5.
  • Among the available modes of payment are those offered by PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Tether, and Wire Transfer.
  • Stats that are both open and thorough, and they are updated in real-time.
  • A function that prevents ads from being blocked, which boosts income.Simple integration with the API.
  • Lifetime 5% referral program.
  • Dedicated account managers and round-the-clock chat assistance

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PropellerAds monetize and advertise

PropellerAds monetize and advertise

PropellerAds was established in 2011, and initially, it was seen as the most significant source of traffic for Popunder (which it still is, by the way). However, in contrast to its rivals, the advertising network is constantly expanding its capabilities. At this point, it is one of the major traffic sources that almost every affiliate is familiar with. The reach of PropellerAds has grown to more than 12 billion ad impressions per day at this point.

The advertising platform is compatible with all of the most common verticals, including banking, e-commerce, mainstream dating, sweepstakes, iGaming, utilities, gaming, and more, with the exception of adult traffic.

The PropellerAds formats include the following:

  • Push Notifications
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Direct Link (Smart Link)
  • Onclick ads
  • Popunder Ads
  • In-page Push Ads

Sign up for PropellerAds for free

The traffic that converts well is the primary benefit that Propellerads bring to the table. Because of the tools, developing advertising campaigns does not take up a significant amount of my time. The fact that I consistently make a nice profit from the traffic they send my way is the single most significant factor.

The men always assist extremely actively, offer advice, and solve difficulties, and in general, a network enables you to earn big money if you know how to exploit its benefits. This is a fantastic network, and I want to say thank you in particular for the work done by personal managers.

As a global advertising firm, we have received very positive comments from our clients at Propeller Ads. We have put forth a lot of effort throughout the years. Initially, we focused on push marketing. However, we have shifted our attention to Smart CPA campaigns, and they are doing very well. PropellerAds has significant market potential and volume in an excessive number of geographies.

When we initially began working together on a business, we only had a little budget for marketing and advertising, but as we gained experience and saw the results of our efforts, we were able to see the full potential of our efforts and gradually expanded our expenditure. Popunder campaigns are the primary focus of our advertising endeavors. We also investigated different types of advertising formats; nevertheless, among the available choices, we discovered that Popunder campaigns had the highest success rate.

The degree of help that we get on a daily basis is far more than the norm. Our current account manager is someone who is not just someone we work with but also someone who we consider among our closest friends. Contact is maintained not only by e-mail and Skype but also via phone and instant messaging in order to reply to any issues that may arise. This, in turn, makes it possible for immediate modifications, adaptations, and optimization of the campaign.

There have never been any hiccups or problems during the handoffs from one account manager to the next; they have always been accomplished without a hitch. The accessibility of the online dashboard makes it possible to do everything from self-set up of campaign monitoring to the creation of campaigns, as well as the establishment of a smart CPM.

The most helpful element that supports us in expanding our company is the experienced and professional assistance of our account manager, which is the primary reason for our success with PropellerAds. This is the most beneficial feature that helps us to build our business.

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Are you Looking for Cheap Web Hosting?

Are you Looking for Cheap Web Hosting?

Namecheap is an experienced web hosting service situated in the United States that offers a wide choice of hosting packages that are loaded with features and can be purchased for an affordable price. You have nothing to lose by giving anything a go since every one of them comes with a guarantee that allows you to get your money back within 30 days.

Data centers

One of Namecheap’s data centers is located in their hometown, another one is located near Nottingham (United Kingdom), and the third one is located in Amsterdam. Namecheap’s corporate headquarters are located in Phoenix, which is located in the state of Arizona in the United States (the Netherlands).

The next step is to settle the matter of the domain name. If you want to register a new one, the annual fee may range anywhere from zero dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the name you wish to use. If you want to register a new one.

A lot of Domain Extension options

A free domain option is available for hosting plans that are paid for on an annual or biannual basis and is restricted to the following top-level domains (TLDs),.host,.online,.site, press,.store,.space,.pw,.tech,.website,.agency,.center,.digital,.live, After this, you will be able to check out your basket and think about adding some add-ons, some of which are free, but the majority of which will cost you extra money.

Create an account

The process of creating an account with Namecheap is quick and uncomplicated. You should be able to anticipate having your account active in a matter of seconds after filling out a form with your information and making a payment to complete the process. While you wait, you should check your email for a message of welcome that is accompanied by a few instructions geared at those who are just starting off.

EasyWP hosting solution

The company’s EasyWP hosting solution is tailored just for WordPress websites. The backend of Namecheap is (too?) simple and straightforward to use, and the performance was remarkable when evaluated for speed and uptime. Starting at cheap pricing, it will be an excellent choice for WordPress projects that are either small or medium in scale.

Hosting for Email

Namecheap also provides email hosting options, in case you do not need a website but would still want to have a professional-looking email address such as your name@your This service is available in the event that you do not need a website.

These email hosting plans start (upon renewal) at cheap costs per year for 1 email account and 5 GB of storage (you’ll need to buy the domain name separately); but, there are more advanced plans available with more storage and email inboxes if you need them.

Namecheap user-friendly dashboard

The dashboard provided by Namecheap is about as basic as they get, but it seems to be helpful enough for tracking and managing items that you have bought as well as adding new ones. You should be able to access your control panel from there.

It ought to be an industry-leading cPanel, which will allow you to easily install all the applications you want (thanks to Softaculous), check your SSL certificates, manage your backups, use the drag-and-drop website builder, get in touch with the support team, and do a lot more besides.

No- code Namecheap Website builder

The user-friendly editor of Namecheap’s no-code site builder makes it possible for you to populate your freshly constructed website with a wide variety of elements, including photographs, videos, social network information, maps, calendars, and countdowns. There are over 200 of these templates to choose from.

Knowledge base support articles

The knowledge base is comprised of hundreds of straightforward guidelines that are tidily arranged into seventeen distinct categories. These categories cover everything from fundamental beginning queries to more advanced expert concerns. The majority of these how-to guides seem to include a significant amount of information and are backed by appropriate screenshots.

When you realize that Namecheap’s once-freebies now come with a fee attached to them, you may be inclined to rethink your first impression of the company, despite the fact that at first glance it seems to be an inexpensive and upbeat place to do business.

In spite of this, the feature-rich packages offered by Namecheap continue to be an excellent choice for anybody who is looking to create a start-up or manage a small-to-medium-sized company on a shoestring budget.

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Remotely monitor user activity with SentryPC

Remotely monitor user activity with SentryPC

The computer monitoring, content filtering, and time management features of SentryPC are all integrated into a single package and run entirely in the cloud. Whether you are a worried parent seeking software with parental control or a concerned company looking for software with staff monitoring capabilities, you have come to the right place.

Sign Up for SentryPC today

Keep a record of their actions

You will be aware of precisely what your users did on the computer as well as when they did it if all of their activities on the computer and the internet are logged in real-time and made available for inspection in full detail.

Adjust how you see their info

Filter programs, games, websites, and keywords for all users; choose whether to entirely limit material or choose particular hours of the day during which it is permitted or prohibited for each user.

Set a usage schedule for them

By designing daily schedules, you can control when your users are able to use the computer. You can choose which hours of each day users are permitted to use the computer and you can set maximum use limitations for each day or the week.

User-friendly interface that can be accessed from any location

Sign in to your private cloud storage account using any device that can access the internet, at any time of day, from any location in the world. After SentryPC has been installed on a machine, you will no longer need to visit it again since everything related to the program, including activity logs, reports, charts, downloads, settings, and more, can be found in your account.

Start Activity monitoring for your staff

Quit making educated guesses and start learning the specifics of how your customers utilize the computer and the Internet. Discover the programs they use, the people with whom they communicate, the websites they frequent, and much more.

Eliminate suspicious activity by implementing thorough content filtering rules, and impose use limitations by using the time management capabilities offered by SentryPC to further exert control over your customers.

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Enhance your creativity with Phototheca

Enhance your creativity with Phototheca

Phototheca makes it simple to browse, categorize, organize, edit, and share tens of thousands of digital photographs and movies on a personal computer. Import photographs from a variety of sources, including memory cards, disks, NAS, network shares, and cellphones.

Remove duplicates, label photographs with keywords, identify and label faces, organize photos into albums, edit and distribute on the web, and more. Phototheca is a piece of picture editing software that comes with an extensive toolkit that can be used to enhance photographs and give them a fresh, eye-catching appearance.

Include your lover in your picture tags, even if they can only speak “meow” and walk on all fours. Phototheca is able to identify individuals and compile all of their photographs into an album titled after that person automatically. You can quickly locate each person’s picture by pinning their face to a digital corkboard.

Sign up for Phototheca

We’ve got you taken care of! No matter how extensive your picture collection is, moving it from Picasa to Phototheca may be accomplished with only a few clicks of the mouse. Additionally, your time spent organizing your photographs will not be wasted. On import, Phototheca reads and maintains all of the Picasa tags and captions, as well as persons’ names and face tags.

Phototheca is the most helpful toolset available for organizing and arranging images. Using Events, Albums, Folders, and Smart Albums, you may build a comprehensive picture library with several levels. You should include keywords, people’s names, and the locations where the images were shot in the photo’s metadata.

Filter by camera model or date. If the camera was set to the wrong date, the images you took may have incorrect timestamps. Create your own picture library, polished and clear, with folders organized in whatever manner you see fit.

Adjust the height of the picture stripe while viewing a single photo, and change the size of the thumbnails with the use of a slider that allows you to see more or larger thumbnails. Using the Keywords panel, you may instantly search for photographs using keywords.

Utilizing the incredible Calendar and Timeline capabilities of your picture library, you may go back in time and explore your collection of photographs. It’s hard to conceive a picture editing program for a personal computer that doesn’t have some kind of keyword management features.

Phototheca provides a vast toolkit for interacting with the keywords of photographs. View, search, modify or remove keywords using an interface that is clear and uncluttered. Change the descriptions, correct the incorrect timestamps on the photographs, and rate the photos. Phototheca offers batch processing for activities involving the modification of information, and with the touch of a button, users may bring thousands of photos’ keywords up to date.

The duplicates identification and removal function identifies copies of picture files, provides a mechanism to see where all duplicates are stored, and enables the user to remove all duplicates. We filled Phototheca with a ton of built-in picture filters so that it would still maintain its reputation as an easy-to-use photo editing program.

Be ahead of the creative competition with Phototheca – Sign Up Now

You may give your pictures a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching appearance by applying one of 56 different high-quality photo filters to them with only the click of a mouse. In addition to the standard picture filters, Phototheca also contains a few extravagant filters that may give photographs a striking or peculiar appearance.

The software application known as Phototheca is the pinnacle of what can be done to streamline the administration of digital assets such as photographs and films. Phototheca provides a wealth of services for its users, such as photo editing tools, safe-boxes with password protection, support for metadata, rapid search, and a great deal more.

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The benefits of using Canva Pro

The benefits of using Canva Pro

Canva Pro is an incredible tool for non-design professionals who wish to produce their own graphics but don’t have professional training in graphic design. Its individualized templates, in conjunction with its drag-and-drop user interface, make it an absolute joy to learn and put into practice.

You won’t have to pay a dime to produce professional-looking designs if you use the free edition of this program since it comes with a wide variety of customization choices and useful features. Canva Pro, on the other hand, comes with a number of useful extras.

Canva Pro is an excellent tool for teams since it simplifies the process of collaborating with one another while using brand colors and templates. We haven’t even touched on the increased capacity for storage or the option to create additional folders, both of which may be beneficial to collaborative efforts.

The primary difference is the amount of time that may be saved, whether by resizing or by immediately locating the finest photo, which may be well worth the price. If you are still undecided, you have the option of making use of the free trial period that lasts for 30 days.

Magic Resize

When beginning work on a new design in Canva, the first thing you do is choose the sort of design you want to create. This may be an Instagram post, a poster, a YouTube video, or anything else. The size of the workstation is established according to the kind of design. Once you start creating anything in the free edition of Canva and choose the sort of document you want to make, you are pretty much committed to using that size.

However, if you have the Canva Pro edition, you may make use of the Magic Resize tool that is located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You may generate replicas of your design in a variety of sizes with only a few clicks of the mouse. It’s possible that in those duplicates, you’ll need to rearrange some components so that they fit better, but the core layout will stay the same.

Brand Kit

In keeping with the theme of brand representation, the premium version of Canva includes an excellent tool called Brand Kit. This might be helpful if you use the program to make photographs and movies for a single customer. It is also of great assistance if you use Canva to advertise yourself as a small company and want to have a unified appearance across all of your marketing materials.

This tool enables you to upload all of your brand’s logos in one location, in addition to the colors and typefaces that are associated with your brand. After you have done that, you will be able to use only a few clicks to modify any design so that it fits the same brand. Simply go to the tab labeled “Style” on the left side of the screen, click the brand colors and typefaces, and then see the change that occurs on the screen.

Templates and Assets of Premium Quality

People that use Canva on a daily basis will find that templates are another great way to save time. They provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your designs and assist you in producing designs on Canva with no additional work required on your part.

You can choose a template to fit almost any need, from an Instagram Story to a CV, and anything in between. When you are feeling intimidated by the prospect of having to develop anything from scratch, turning to resources such as these may be of great assistance. Even though they are accessible in the free edition, those who upgrade to the pro version have access to a far larger pool of options.

Templates Made to Order

Users of Canva who have been using the program for an extended period of time and are acquainted with the majority of its capabilities will like the Pro option that allows them to design a template that is unique to their needs.

You will be able to have a few templates that are precisely matched to your requirements using this (including all of your brand colors, fonts, and logos). Altering the text and the pictures each time you make use of them is also an option.

If you reproduce an existing design, there is a workaround for this limitation in the free version of the software. Having a template, on the other hand, eliminates the risk of inadvertently overwriting information that you would want to save for potential future applications. If many people on a team utilize the same account, this comes in useful.

The option to save a design as a template may be found right next to the Download button in the design editor. After clicking the three dots, choose to See all from the drop-down menu. The next time you choose that design, you will have the option to either make changes to the template or utilize it as is, neither of which will have an impact on the original.

Schedule your social media posts

Canva’s ability to design for social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, among others, is one of the company’s most notable features. Therefore, it is only logical that the program will enable you to publish directly to these platforms, something that is currently possible with the free version of the software.

The Pro account, on the other hand, gives you the ability to schedule these posts, which brings a whole new dimension to the social media game. In addition to this, the Canva Content Planner allows you to plan ahead and identify holes in your publishing schedule so that you can fill them.

Sign Up for Canva Pro and get a 30-Day Free Trial