Less Paper Work and More Productivity with Bill.com

Less Paper Work and More Productivity with Bill.com

Clean up the clutter in your payables and obtain more insight and control over the whole accounts payable process by using these best practices.

All of your invoices may be captured on a single platform

Digitize your paper-based payables process to save time and money. Gather invoices from your inbox, drag and drop them from your desktop, or take a shot with our mobile app to add to your collection.

Improve the efficiency of your whole approval process

Customize approval rules, automate approval procedures, and approve invoices from any location with a simple swipe, or multiple bills with a few clicks, all from a single interface.

Pay how you want, whenever you want

A broad range of customizable payment alternatives, such as electronic payments, credit card payments, and checks, as well as foreign wire transfers let you pay and be paid quicker.

Enhance your visibility and control

With a simple dashboard overview that allows you to check real-time status, you can see money coming in and going out at a glance.

Auto-sync or data integration may make reconciliation a lot easier

Direct two-way sync or data integration with your accounting software minimizes the need for error-prone manual input, making it simple to balance your books with data you can rely on and maintain accuracy.

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What distinguishes Bill.com from the competition?

As a result, Bill.com takes over where your current accounting software leaves off, streamlining your accounts payable process and making electronic payments via ACH (or EFT).

While also streamlining your accounts receivable process and accepting business payments through domestic ACH, international wire transfers in USD or local currencies, virtual card, or check.

Any changes you make in one system will instantly update in the other, thanks to the connectivity between Bill.com and QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, and Intacct. There is no need for duplicate input, and the two different systems operate in unison as if they were one.

All of these capabilities contribute to saving your company time and money, assisting you in managing your cash flow, and assisting you in being paid more quickly.

Is Bill.com a safe to use?

Network Security Measures. In order to identify and prevent illegal electronic access to our servers, Bill.com employs security software, intrusion detection and prevention equipment, and network monitoring technologies.

Protection of Personal Information. Bill.com employs an extra degree of encryption to prevent rogue programs from gaining access to sensitive consumer data on the site. For the protection of client data while transmission over the internet, Bill.com utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) and industry-standard cipher suites.

To prepare for disaster recovery situations, Bill.com replicates production data from the main site to a co-location facility on the same network.

Protections on a physical level. Bill.com’s servers and network infrastructure are housed in secure data center facilities that are maintained by renowned data center providers that have received industry certification.

All Bill.com workers are subjected to background checks as well as data security and privacy training before starting their jobs. Bill.com has a rigorous vendor management program in place to protect the company from third-party risk.

Bill.com enables you to pay abroad merchants and contractors online using the same bill payment method that you are used to. Businesses will be able to pay in either US dollars or in a foreign currency using this feature.

In addition to taking advantage of all of the benefits that Bill.com offers, you will be able to streamline your approval workflow process, maintain controls and oversight of your finances, and most importantly, automate the reconciliation process with your favorite accounting software by using Bill.com to pay international vendors and contractors.

Please review the foreign payments support articles in our help center to have a better understanding of how to utilize international payments inside of Bill.com.

What are the benefits of using Bill.com for international payments?

When making a payment, whether it’s a local or international payment, Bill.com is a tool that is meant to make the procedure easier. It is for this reason that utilizing Bill.com makes it easy and effective to pay your international merchants and suppliers.

When compared to the typical cost of banks, our solution can help you save money on wire transfer costs, making it a more cost-effective option to make foreign payments. Your payments will immediately sync with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Intacct, and NetSuite once you start using Bill.com.

For additional information, please see our international payments page. If you are already a Bill.com customer, you may log in and begin making international payments right now.

For anyone interested in giving Bill.com a try and streamlining both your domestic and foreign accounts payable processes, you can join up for a risk-free trial by clicking here.

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