Secure your Digital Docs With BlueInk

Secure your Digital Docs With BlueInk

Proof That Is Virtually Irrefutable

How many times have you wished you could have a record of what happened when a certain document was signed and completed in your presence? The Certificate of Evidence from BlueInk provides independent confirmation of disclosure as well as certification of each signatory’s agreement to the conditions of the agreement.

In addition to a comprehensive enumeration of all identity authentication procedures, the document includes a full audit trail that explains the activities conducted inside the document from its inception to its completion.

Defend Yourself Against Fraud

It is possible to be certain that your electronically signed papers will include the information necessary to defend against a challenge to their enforceability if the identities of the signatories are genuinely confirmed. The Certificate of Evidence is a document that securely substantiates the identities of all parties to a contract.

Security of Data and Platform

The BlueInk service is housed on a secure server architecture in a data center that has been certified to ISO 27001 standards. Data is encrypted while in transit and at rest, and data access is managed by procedures that comply with applicable federal and international requirements.

TLS/SSL encryption ensures the security of your data and documents while in transit. In addition to the robust security measures included in the BlueInk server architecture, the BlueInk platform is designed to offer extra safety for you and your organization. This is accomplished via the use of advanced engineering.

Fraud and impersonation are protected against.

With BlueInk’s robust identity verification capabilities, you can be certain that the people signing your documents are who they say they are. You may specify the amount of verification you need for every document from basic email authentication to a selfie and a driver’s license scan.

Furthermore, even more, complex authentication methods. Every time a document is signed, a Certificate of Evidence is created, which serves as a security audit record of all interactions with the document, including authentication events, throughout time.

Defending Oneself Against Mistakes

Never again will you be late for a signing. BlueInk guarantees that your papers are filled out in accordance with your specifications, and it gives your signers an easy-to-use, helpful signing experience, in which they are directed through the document review and execution processes.

Contractual Protection Against Disputes

BlueInk offers the option of Audio Guided Document Review, which may assist in ensuring that signers comprehend the documents they are about to sign. Make certain that any disclosures and other relevant provisions of your papers.

Are presented in the manner in which you want them to be understood. And be sure to record the results of the evaluation in order to demonstrate compliance with your rules and procedures.

Don’t compromise your safety for the sake of convenience. By using BlueInk, you may benefit from the simplicity of eSignatures while also benefiting from the robust security of the BlueInk document execution platform.

Authentication Methods that are both strong and flexible

With adjustable authentication for each signer, you may choose the amount of identity verification that is required for each document and for each signer, depending on the situation. All identity verification events are recorded in the Certificate of Evidence, which serves as a stand-alone audit trail of the signing process that is cryptographically protected.

Efficient and Consistent Service

BlueInk’s Document Templates allow you to create a document just once and then reuse it again and over without losing its formatting. Aside from that, BlueInk allows you to combine various document templates – for example, a Lease and numerous Addenda, or a Master Service Agreement and a Statement of Work – for more efficiency.

Together with SmartFill, Document Templates may save you even more time by combining information from signer records and quickly preparing your papers with little data input.

Identity verification that is both convenient and effective

Signers fill out the SmartLink Form with their basic information, and then they are sent an email with a unique link that allows them to begin the signing process. The need for an email address serves as the first form of identification verification. BlueInk’s other identity verification methods, such as SMS pins, selfies, or ID scans, may be used in conjunction with this approach if you so want.

With a simple text message, you can have documents signed more quickly

In contrast to email, which has an open rate of 20 percent, research suggests that SMS (text) messages have an open rate as high as 98 percent. People also react to text messages in a matter of seconds, as compared to an hour or two for email.

With BlueInk’s SMS delivery option, you may send your papers to recipients by text message, allowing you to have your documents signed more quickly and get back to work more efficiently. Furthermore, signers may receive and sign on almost any device, without the need to download any extra applications.

Create the Ads You Need with ADYOUNEED

Create the Ads You Need with ADYOUNEED

If you are running advertisements, ADYOUNEED is a tool that you should have. Even if you are purchasing advertisements for the first time, it is simple and uncomplicated to use.

It makes the process of creating and optimizing Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads considerably simpler and less time-consuming. Adyouneed assists you in getting the most out of your investment by identifying the most effective advertising and target audiences.

Constructing the platform is a simple and straightforward process. Preparing the Ads artwork is a breeze thanks to the combination of Crello and Canva, which makes it even more convenient.

With Adyouneed, you can run your Ads Campaign quickly and simply, while also speeding up the required adjustments in only a few clicks. This is a tool that should not be overlooked.

 Create the Ads You Need with ADYOUNEED
Stop spending time with ad managers that are difficult to understand and use and that require an inordinate amount of effort to master. ADYOUNEED streamlines the whole process while creating advertisements of agency quality in minutes.

A unique platform with a wide range of potential opportunities, Adyouneed allows you to easily create advertising campaigns for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You can choose the right segment, select your target audience in the desired territory, and test your ads to ensure that you choose the best opportunity for you.

The dashboard is user-friendly and provides wonderful insight into the reaction to the advertisements you have placed, as well as a terrific personalized statistic that is tough to get on comparable platforms, allowing you to acquire true exposure.

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing Adyouneed is the ability to reduce ad costs via the use of various automated capabilities available inside the app.

One of the most crucial advantages is the option to write your ad, save it, and return to it at any moment to complete it. This is in stark contrast to entering into the social network directly, where you must maintain concentration and avoid quitting the page, or you will have to start again.

Adyouneed is a wonderful idea, and the developers who created it did an excellent job of researching the needs of the public.

The marketing platform that allows you to develop and optimize advertising in minutes, allowing you to devote your time and energy to what truly matters – your company.

It’s time to put together the advertisement you need!

Create advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Keep in mind that a new platform is introduced to the site on a monthly basis!

Discovering new channels has never been easier. Diversify your marketing channels, meet your customers where they are, and avoid becoming an advertising genius in the process. It’s time to make sense of your marketing data!

Clearly observe which audiences perform the best, which advertisements maximize expenditure, and which funds should be reallocated. It is past time to automate everything!

Automate the tedious tasks, and let ADYOUNEED identify the most appropriate audience for your advertisements while you concentrate on the rest.

It is a tremendous time-saving tool, allowing us to produce and optimize our adverts in minutes rather than hours. We receive the highest return on investment when we use professional-quality advertisements, and we can plainly see all of our statistics on the charts.

ADYOUNEED helps us to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaign. Once we have determined which audience performs the best, we may make adjustments to our advertisements.

After spending some time re-purposing our company processes and researching the many choices available for bringing our marketing back online, we’ve come to a conclusion.

We have found the AdYouNeed tool to be invaluable in simplifying and streamlining the advertising process. With a simple setup, it rapidly links to our Facebook and Google accounts, and there is much more in store for us as new applications are introduced….

We feel this will be a helpful tool for us since we have little experience with the newer applications as marketing tools.

ADYOUNEED is a service that allows marketers to launch campaigns on social media without having to worry about anything. You have my admiration for the level of detail that you can go into for each campaign that you put up and manage.

Although the social media integrations are smooth and non-intrusive, your standard advertising accounts will continue to be paid as if you were running these advertisements on the social media sites themselves.

This is an excellent tool, and the following are some of the major aspects that I believe will be beneficial to you:

  • Ease of Use: There has never been a more straightforward walk-through method for creating an advertising campaign. It’s a fast and straightforward process.
  • The dashboard is really clean and well-organized, making it simple to go to the part you wish to see.
  • Produce advertisements in a matter of minutes, regardless of your marketing expertise.
  • the ability to do split testing
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Sandbox options for experimenting with advertisements: This is a terrific approach to experimenting with various campaigns.
  • Audience Targeting Using Machine Learning: Use A.I. Audience Finder to locate the best-performing audience on Facebook and Instagram. Audience Targeting Using Natural Language Processing:
  • Reports (including breakdowns, charts, and graphs): Beautiful and easy-to-read charts can help you to better comprehend your data.
  • Separate your data into basic breakdowns to determine whether gender, age group(s), platform(s), country(s), or location (if applicable) produces the greatest results.
  • Team Collaboration: Invite other individuals to your account so that they may work on your project together.
  • Feedback Management is an important part of any organization’s success.
  • It interacts directly with Canva and Crello, among other platforms.
  • Reduce eye strain with their dark mode, and promote your advertisements in a way that has never been done before.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Which helps me support the blog to make quality content and recommend products for you.

Take Twitter to a new level with Audiense

Take Twitter to a new level with Audiense

Audiense Connect is a Twitter marketing tool that is used by thousands of businesses and agencies across the globe to promote their products.

Consumer segmentation and cultural awareness should be at the forefront of any marketing approach. Identify relevant audiences, uncover great actionable insights, and use this information to influence your company growth strategy.

Audience segmentation is one of a kind

Understanding the audiences that truly matter may help you transform the way you make choices and uncover new prospects for growth.

Incorporating new ideas into existing practices

Learn how to engage and energize your audiences in the most effective way across numerous online and physical media.

Take Twitter to a whole new level with these tips.

Increase your brand exposure, develop the most effective acquisition techniques, and track the results of your efforts on Twitter.

Management and analysis of the community

On Twitter, you may get factual information about your town. Learn all you can about your followers and how to communicate with them effectively.

Chatbots and broadcasts are two types of artificial intelligence

Create your own opt-in chatbot in minutes using our Chatbot builder, which requires just a few clicks. Engage in direct communication with your subscribers/customers.

Monitoring and listening technologies that are cutting-edge

Complete coverage of real-time and archived (since 2006) Twitter material from across the world. Audiense offers conversation analysis as well as marketing targeting with a single click.

Using Twitter to Reach Targeted Audiences for Advertising

Construct the best-performing Twitter customized audiences available on the market today. It doesn’t matter how specific or vast your target audience is. The ability to sync with your Twitter Ads account is always available.

When is the best time to tweet?

Find out when your greatest time to tweet is and make the most of each and every tweet that you put out. Get the optimum tweet time from a specific sample of people and understand when your target audience is most active on social media platforms.

Take a look around your neighborhood

Get accurate information about your community based on a variety of parameters, get to know your followers on a personal level, and communicate with them in a productive manner. Tag them in order to increase the amount of information on Twitter.

Filtering, following, and unfollowing are all options

Find out who your new followers are and follow them back with ease. Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor. If it is your policy, you must return the following. Noisey buddies, prospective spammers, and inactive users may all be identified. Please refer to Twitter’s rules and regulations for further information.

When comparing yourself to your competition

Compare your Twitter account to other accounts or rivals so that you can see who has more followers and who they are, who tweets more often, what they normally tweet about, and so on and so forth.

Observations from the Twitter community

You may use this report to determine the overall quality of your Twitter community: time zone charts, language charts, users ranked by the number of followers, people ranked by the amount of recent activity, and so on.

Organize your Twitter lists

Create Twitter lists to keep track of all of your followers and pals. Engage with the appropriate individuals in order to improve the efficiency of communication.

Rule-Making Programmer

Create automated rules that are activated whenever someone who matters engages with you. This will save you time. For example, if someone with more than 20,000 followers decides to follow you, you will get an email. Isn’t that clever?

Chatbots and live broadcasts are both forms of artificial intelligence

Create your opt-in chatbot in a few minutes with our Chatbot builder and automatically communicate with subscribers or consumers through Twitter Direct Messages with our Chatbot builder.

It is possible to have a better understanding of your audience’s interests via the use of the Affinity Report. This allows you to make more educated choices regarding future content that will connect with and engage this audience.

Make use of an Affinity Report to discover who the audience follows the most and the least on Twitter, what their interests are, and what television genres and television series they like watching.

You may add any public account, regardless of its size, with the following restrictions: Audiense is unable to access accounts that have been designated as protected. The account that was utilized has no impact on your plan’s social connections and does not need to be added as a source to your Audiense account in order to work.

Adding members of a source necessitates that the source itself has already been added to Audiense, which has the obvious consequence of affecting your social relationships. A monitoring system, in the same way, must have been established earlier.

Advanced Audience Manager is a program that allows you to manage your audience in a more advanced way

Construct highly tailored audiences by quickly and easily combining filter options for user profiles, social connections, and user behaviors. This enhances the relevance of your Twitter Ads and Organic campaigns while also improving their effectiveness.

The term “audience” refers to a customized group of people that you wish to analyze and/or target, such as in a Twitter Ads campaign.

You may quickly and easily combine filter choices of user-profiles, social connections, and user behaviors to build highly tailored audiences that will increase the relevance and effectiveness of your Twitter Ads.

Because of this, the more precise your audience segmentation is, the more relevant your campaign will be to them, and the greater the likelihood that you will produce leads.

Create your audience by using the community wall as a canvas

Adding all users to an existing audience or creating a new audience is as simple as choosing to add to audience from the all criteria drop-down menu on the community’s bottom bar and entering their information. In the Audiences area of your webpage, you can view a list of all of your audiences.

A static audience may only be changed if you explicitly add or remove people from it; otherwise, it remains static.

A dynamic audience is one that is automatically adjusted depending on the rules that you provide when you create the audience in the first place.

A periodic audience will automatically update itself to include new users who meet the parameters that were specified when the audience was first created.

Due to the fact that Twitter audiences devour your social connections, it is required to define a maximum number of persons who may be added to the audience. This restriction cannot be more than 80 percent of your accessible social contacts, however.

This is done to avoid you from unexpectedly finding yourself in a situation where you have no social connections remaining after adding a new source, for example.

When determining the maximum audience size, take into consideration how many social connections you still have and how many you believe are essential for this audience, as well as how detailed or refined your criteria will be when creating the audience.

If you still have a large number of social connections remaining in your plan, you may set a limit that is larger than the projected total number of search results to ensure that you include all of the individuals in the audience.

Affiliate Disclosure

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Which helps me support the blog to make quality content and recommend products for you. software that turns your goals into results software that turns your goals into results

Team alignment, connection, and focus on the correct results are maintained using’s OKR platform, which provides leaders with the insight they need into the work being done, whether in-person or remotely. Large and small businesses alike utilize to coordinate, monitor, and assess their strategic objectives and outcomes.

Users may establish, share, and monitor their priorities online at any time, from any location, using any web or mobile device. This assists customers in staying on track to fulfill their objectives by spotting difficulties in real-time and instantly informing teams of the problem.

Connections with collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Team, as well as data and human resource information system (HRIS) integrations, are all part of our OKR offering. Users will be able to monitor and manage their performance using the tools they are currently familiar with as a result of this. software that turns your goals into results’s deep, native connections with popular platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, JIRA, and Smartsheet. enables users to provide and receive real-time feedback, as well as produce bespoke reports, assisting teams in recognizing professional successes and analyzing individual or team performance, among other functions. Customers of include Slack, Remitly, Ticketmaster, Urban Company, and a number of other organizations.

To empower your team with clear objectives and to create top-down and bottom-up clarity throughout the whole business, is the OKR platform. OKRs, we feel, is the operating system for the current corporate environment. We tie every item of work throughout your business to your goals via more than 200 connectors, which we have developed.

We make it simple to adopt and administer OKRs by placing them right where the work takes place — in the tools that your team is already familiar with. Companies may use to empower their employees by setting clear objectives and never losing sight of the company’s overall success.

Check out a short snapshot of the day’s progress

With’s Projects, Milestones, and Tasks, there is no work that is done in isolation. Track the development of your company’s operations with precision, concentrating on efforts that produce results and immediately identifying critical business areas that demand attention.

Understand the “why” underlying each and every team effort

Easily match your workers’ everyday activities with corporate objectives and provide them with a clear understanding of their influence. Watch as your team becomes 10x more productive, engaged, and inspired to perform better as a result of this training.

Execution is critical, and provides you with just that. enables us to better align and connect our staff with our company’s objectives. Every team and person will have a clear sense of direction as a result of this.

Real-time progress updates can let you conduct more in-depth company evaluations

Review Dashboards allow you to see how your daily work compares to the company’s objectives. In just a few clicks, you can conduct successful weekly and monthly business reviews, as well as delve deep into real-time progress for targets, critical outcomes, and projects.

For all of your endeavors, there is a single source of truth’s deep, native connections with popular platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, JIRA, and Smartsheet instantly update progress on your team’s daily tasks and projects. You’ll never have to worry about making judgments based on outdated information or switching between programs in order to acquire the information you need again.

Companies like Amazon, Slack, DropBox, Google, and many more place their faith in the goals and key results approach to produce outcomes, build alignment, and improve agility in their organizations. Despite this, it is human nature to have some trepidation when confronted with a new technique.

When it comes to managing our OKRs, we’ve worked with suppliers in the past, but it wasn’t until we picked as our partner that we were able to have the difficult talks about justifying budgets and assigning resources based on the data we were seeing.

Excellent customer service that goes above and beyond the product to assist you in structuring your OKRs in the most efficient manner feasible. I would strongly suggest this for any company, whether they are new to or seasoned in the art of OKRs.

Ally’s product is feature-rich, and the business has some of the most powerful investors and financing in the industry. The product development cycle seems to be deliberate and rhythmic, which indicates that frequent changes to the platform may be expected.

We spend the majority of our time in the “chart view,” which serves as the single most reliable source of information for our team on corporate goals. When you contact customer support, they will offer you hands-on advice as they take you through the software, allowing you to make real-time adjustments to your OKR approach.

Affiliate Disclosure

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Which helps me support the blog to make quality content and recommend products for you.

One platform to manage clients, projects, and invoices – PAYMO

One platform to manage clients, projects, and invoices – PAYMO

Why do some of your initiatives fall between the cracks?
Take a look at how utilizing Paymo may help you and your team avoid some of the most typical mistakes.

Our project data is dispersed across many different platforms.

Paymo replaces many of the tools you already use, allowing you to keep everything in sync under one roof – without the hassle of different integrations or the additional fees associated with multiple subscriptions. Provide your organization with a single source of truth by consolidating all of its data into one location.

Sign Up Today: PAYMO

As a result, we arrive with inflated project estimates.

When estimating a project, you will no longer have to depend on out-of-date information from a variety of platforms, thanks to Paymo. Producing fresh estimates becomes a snap once access to past timesheet data and project templates has been granted.

We’re having difficulty meeting our deadlines.

A bird’s-eye perspective of everything that is happening in your firm is essential. Utilize multiple tools such as Team’s Tasks or Portfolio Gantt Chart to keep projects under control, or even see all of your team’s tasks on a global Meta Kanban board to keep everything under control.

We’re continually rearranging our resources.

A visual chronology of your team’s work is created using Paymo’s Team Scheduler tool. Easy planning, visibility into over- and under-reservations, and management of bookings even on a daily basis, complete with booking start and finish timings, are all possible.

We don’t always agree on the same things.

Real-time collaboration at the task level with task comments, prioritization, and process statuses are all possible. Boards allow you to keep everyone on the same page and check the progress of all tasks at a glance.

Keeping to a budget is a constant source of contention.

Due to the increased transparency and accountability provided by time monitoring, it minimizes friction between managers and workers. Paymo provides world-class time tracking solutions that your employees will like using, and it is completely free.

We sometimes have customers or stakeholders who are dissatisfied with our services.

Time tracking and time reporting data should be shared with your customers in order to maintain a continuous feedback loop. By communicating with them on the status of the project, you will go the extra mile and build trust in your work.

It seems that we are undercharging customers and that we are not being paid on time.

In the absence of time tracking, you will be overcharging or undercharging your customers, causing them irritation and maybe losing future employment. Our solutions assist you in obtaining a precise picture of how long work takes, enabling you to pay clients quickly and efficiently based on timesheet data.


The ability to set up alerts for key occurrences that demand particular attention throughout the course of a project’s lifecycle is available.

Templates for Projects

Task templates based on a current project may be created and reused for use in other projects in the future.

Gantt Charts are a kind of chart that shows the progress of a project.

When viewing a project’s start and completion dates, as well as its summary parts, the program displays them in a Gantt Chart format for convenience.

Gantt Chart for the Portfolio
It provides a “large view” as well as information on all of the projects on a single screen.

The Most Important Path

The program displays the route of scheduled activities that is the longest, as well as the earliest and latest that each activity may begin and conclude without extending the project’s duration anymore.

Alerts Email notifications are automatically sent to resources when significant changes occur, such as being allocated to a new task or being withdrawn from an existing one.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Which helps me support the channel to make quality content and recommend products for you.