Get a lightning-fast Divi website from a WordPress hosting leader, as well as an automatic Divi and WordPress setup.

We’ve teamed with Cloudways to provide Divi customers with lightning-fast Divi Hosting that works flawlessly right out of the gate! Furthermore, Divi and WordPress are pre-installed and configured with your license key on your first new website, saving you time and effort.

Rather than going through the setup procedure, hop directly into the Builder! Designed specifically for Divi, Cloudways’ hosting infrastructure is backed by a team of WordPress experts that ensure that all of the platform’s features are working properly.

Divi Hosting includes automated Divi installation and Divi-specific server configuration in addition to the features of a robust WordPress hosting package.

Almost all of our hosting partners have either made modifications to their conventional hosting settings in order to make them Divi-friendly, or they have made modifications to their Divi Hosting packages in order to fulfill all of Divi’s criteria.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Your website is hosted and serviced by Cloudways, a host in whom we have confidence and with whom we have had positive personal experiences. That is one of the reasons why we opted to work with them! We contributed to the development of Divi Hosting so that we could have something that we are certain would operate well with Divi right out of the box.

Themes like Divi and WordPress are automatically installed. There is no setup required!

Start developing your website right now and avoid the time-consuming Divi and WordPress installation procedure altogether. With Cloudways, you may pick from a variety of cloud hosting providers, including Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode, and VLutr. Divi comes with everything you need to get started with your new WordPress website.

Take advantage of lightning-fast hosting that satisfies all of Divi’s server requirements

Great website construction software should be used in conjunction with excellent hosting! With Divi Hosting from Cloudways, you can be certain that the hosting environment has been specifically tailored to fulfill all of Divi’s criteria for performance and reliability. Changing PHP settings or upgrading outdated server software are no longer necessary. Cloudways has you covered in every way.

Divi Setup in Minutes

If you create your first new website on Cloudways’ Divi Hosting, Divi will be automatically installed, allowing you to bypass the setup procedure and hop directly into the builder.

Works Exceptionally Well With Divi

We don’t simply collaborate with any host; we choose the best. We picked Cloudways as our hosting provider because their servers are fast and have been customized to fit the needs of Divi. When compared to managed servers, Cloudways’ uniquely optimized stack immediately improves site performance and uptime while lowering your expenses by more than 50%.

Increase the number of visitors you can handle

If you believe that a tenfold increase in visits must be accompanied by a catch, think again. Cloudways is able to manage an incredible amount of traffic at once.

Divi WordPress Theme

Updates and security are important

Cloudways will ensure that WordPress and your server software are kept up to date in order to protect you from common security issues. They also provide protection for your websites via the use of a dedicated server firewall. Enjoy the safety of Cloudways’ dedicated firewall as well as its regular security patching, bot prevention, and two-factor authentication.

SSL and email are two of the most important aspects of online security

Easy Cloudways provides free SSL certificates for any of your websites that are hosted with them. There is no longer any need to acquire pricey certificates or fight difficult signing procedures. How to install an external SMTP service so that it may be used as a gateway to send emails from your server with high deliverability in a reliable and simple manner

Backups and staging on an automatic basis

Having a website is vitally essential if you want to be successful online. Cloudways takes care of this for you, and it backs up your websites on a regular basis automatically. Staging websites enable you to work on fresh ideas in the privacy of your own home without interfering with your guests. Publish your modifications from the staging site to your live site as soon as you’ve done testing them.

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