When you run a company, you are obligated to abide by a large number of laws, regulations, and standards set out by service providers. Attempting to comply with all of these requirements on your own is not only difficult but also dangerous.

You may have peace of mind and less stress by using Termly to assist relieve the strain of legal compliance. Our cutting-edge software will design insurance policies that are specifically crafted to meet the requirements of your company and no other.

The Cookie Consent Manager that we provide may assist you in meeting the requirements of complicated consent regulations such as the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. Facilitating speedy and straightforward compliance with international legislation such as the GDPR, CCPA, and ePrivacy Regulation.

No matter whether you manage a blog, an online store, or an app, our compliance suite has all the bases covered for your company. We will do an automated update on all of your policies to ensure that they are compliant with the requirements of any newly enacted laws or regulations.

After you have crafted a policy, you can easily add it to your website by cutting and pasting a link or a piece of code. The rest is up to us! Why spend a small amount on an attorney when you can employ the team of lawyers at Termly to draft your legal policy at no cost to you?

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I’ve been maintaining many accounts for each of my customers with a separate vendor, so you can imagine how relieved I was when I started exploring for other options and came across Termly.

All of my customers’ websites can be handled from a single dashboard thanks to Termly’s agency account, which makes it very simple to use, has a straightforward layout and satisfies all applicable privacy regulations.

Thank you! Support is prompt and helpful, and I no longer need to worry about GDPR or any other regulations since I am certain that all of my customers are in compliance. was looking for a reputable organization to manage the privacy policy of my new website and was having trouble finding one.

Termly was recommended to me, and I am really happy that I decided to work with them. It was a simple procedure, the cost wasn’t too high, and I was able to have it up on my website within a few days! Termly; you made one of the most difficult tasks completely painless to do.

The whole procedure is quite simple. Termly is able to assist you regardless of whether you are searching for a cookie policy or a privacy policy. The questions that are asked are easy to understand, and I was able to have my privacy policy ready to download and upload to my website in less than fifteen minutes. There is absolutely no reason to go anyplace else!!

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