BEE is the finest drag-and-drop editor for creating mobile-responsive emails and landing pages, according to our research.

In the field of content design software, BEE is a major producer of software for email, landing sites, and popups. BEE Pro and BEE Plugin are the two products that the firm offers as part of its portfolio.

BEE Pro is a drag-and-drop design package for responsive emails and landing sites that requires no coding knowledge. BEE Pro is a tool that allows marketers and designers to produce emails and web pages in record time. Also included are the design flexibility, branding controls, and collaboration tools necessary to do the job correctly.

Using BEE Pro, emails and web pages may be created from the ground up or using ready-to-use email templates available in the template store. As an added bonus, emails may be automatically sent to email distribution systems, and landing sites can be created with the touch of a button. Begin with a visually appealing, mobile-responsive template.

You may start with a blank canvas and create your email from the ground up, or you can use one of our ready-to-use email templates to jumpstart your creative process.

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Design in a single location

Send it to anybody or anyplace. Keep all of your newsletters, marketing emails, and transaction emails in one place, saving you time and ensuring that your business has a uniform design throughout. Then send it with a single click to your preferred sending platform, or copy the HTML and use it anywhere you like. You may also publish to PDF!

Responsive to mobile devices

Don’t be concerned about how your email will seem since we continually test it in a variety of email applications on a variety of devices. It’s a sense of security when it comes to email design.

Templates that are visually appealing

Choose from a variety of templates that have been professionally developed. There is no need to create an account. It’s the quickest method to create visually appealing emails.

BEE is a tool that may be used everywhere

Newsletters, announcements, and transactional emails: make them with BEE, download them, and use them in any software that allows emails to be sent.

When it comes to creating emails, my version of Bee Pro is fantastic. There are several useful features, such as the ability to add padding to your sections, the ability to quickly duplicate or delete a section, the availability of pre-built rows.

The availability of free stock photos, and even the ability to store images and files. They also offer a plethora of excellent templates to choose from, which makes the process of creating emails a snap.

Business Email Editor (BEE) is a tool for generating and exporting business emails for newsletters. It has a very intuitive interface and is perfect for designers or other professionals who are not involved in the IT industry.

Because of this, it consistently produces responsive layouts that appear correctly across practically all current email clients. While the builder isn’t the most feature-rich email builder available, it does include all of the essential tools for creating visually appealing emails to send to your subscribers’ inboxes.

Many different block and column-based row templates, as well as generous spacing choices and a selection of color and transparency options, are available to help you create a modern-looking layout.

In the case of developers, you have the option of embedding the builder directly into your apps, or you may construct independent builders that can be hosted on almost any hosting platform. If you select one of Bee’s inexpensive plans, you can even utilize the hosted builder that Bee provides.

BEE top features in a nutshell:

  • Comfortable visual editor
  • Ability to save individual elements of the template
  • Convenient export templates
  • Test templates sending function
  • Flexible settings
  • Easy project management
  • Clear and comfortable working with different templates, especially important when you work with different clients and tasks
  • Drag-n-drop editor