Phototheca makes it simple to browse, categorize, organize, edit, and share tens of thousands of digital photographs and movies on a personal computer. Import photographs from a variety of sources, including memory cards, disks, NAS, network shares, and cellphones.

Remove duplicates, label photographs with keywords, identify and label faces, organize photos into albums, edit and distribute on the web, and more. Phototheca is a piece of picture editing software that comes with an extensive toolkit that can be used to enhance photographs and give them a fresh, eye-catching appearance.

Include your lover in your picture tags, even if they can only speak “meow” and walk on all fours. Phototheca is able to identify individuals and compile all of their photographs into an album titled after that person automatically. You can quickly locate each person’s picture by pinning their face to a digital corkboard.

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We’ve got you taken care of! No matter how extensive your picture collection is, moving it from Picasa to Phototheca may be accomplished with only a few clicks of the mouse. Additionally, your time spent organizing your photographs will not be wasted. On import, Phototheca reads and maintains all of the Picasa tags and captions, as well as persons’ names and face tags.

Phototheca is the most helpful toolset available for organizing and arranging images. Using Events, Albums, Folders, and Smart Albums, you may build a comprehensive picture library with several levels. You should include keywords, people’s names, and the locations where the images were shot in the photo’s metadata.

Filter by camera model or date. If the camera was set to the wrong date, the images you took may have incorrect timestamps. Create your own picture library, polished and clear, with folders organized in whatever manner you see fit.

Adjust the height of the picture stripe while viewing a single photo, and change the size of the thumbnails with the use of a slider that allows you to see more or larger thumbnails. Using the Keywords panel, you may instantly search for photographs using keywords.

Utilizing the incredible Calendar and Timeline capabilities of your picture library, you may go back in time and explore your collection of photographs. It’s hard to conceive a picture editing program for a personal computer that doesn’t have some kind of keyword management features.

Phototheca provides a vast toolkit for interacting with the keywords of photographs. View, search, modify or remove keywords using an interface that is clear and uncluttered. Change the descriptions, correct the incorrect timestamps on the photographs, and rate the photos. Phototheca offers batch processing for activities involving the modification of information, and with the touch of a button, users may bring thousands of photos’ keywords up to date.

The duplicates identification and removal function identifies copies of picture files, provides a mechanism to see where all duplicates are stored, and enables the user to remove all duplicates. We filled Phototheca with a ton of built-in picture filters so that it would still maintain its reputation as an easy-to-use photo editing program.

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You may give your pictures a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching appearance by applying one of 56 different high-quality photo filters to them with only the click of a mouse. In addition to the standard picture filters, Phototheca also contains a few extravagant filters that may give photographs a striking or peculiar appearance.

The software application known as Phototheca is the pinnacle of what can be done to streamline the administration of digital assets such as photographs and films. Phototheca provides a wealth of services for its users, such as photo editing tools, safe-boxes with password protection, support for metadata, rapid search, and a great deal more.

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