Meta Box is a free WordPress custom fields plugin and framework that is compatible with Gutenberg and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It simplifies the process of customizing a website using—you guessed it—meta boxes and WordPress custom fields much easier.

Because it comes with an intuitive user interface, Meta Box eliminates the need for you to write code for purposes as fundamental as the creation of custom fields, custom post kinds, and custom taxonomies. You may be required to code in order to use some more complex strategies.

Meta Box is available for usage by any WordPress site builder, including developers and newbies, who are interested in reducing the amount of effort spent creating custom fields and custom meta boxes. We provide alternatives that may be used both by individuals who are comfortable with coding and by those who don’t even want to look at it.

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You may create many different types of websites with the assistance of the many capabilities that Meta Box offers. You can get more information about the Meta Box case studies here, and you can see real-world applications of Meta Box that were created by our users here. Meta Box has forty different field kinds, each of which may be used in a variety of important ways.

You may keep yourself busy with all of the available choices and expansions, or you can only add what you need. All the while maintaining a manageable level of demand using our API. Additionally, it is compatible with WordPress Multisite.

Use the online generator to write your code, then save it so you can use it in the future on other projects. Are you looking for some starting points? Have a look at the code samples we have on GitHub!

Simply place your custom fields where you want them on the page by dragging and dropping them there; coding expertise is not necessary. Creating custom post types and taxonomies is a breeze with the help of the free CPT Extension.

It’s almost exactly like an endlessly flexible plugin for WordPress’s custom fields. Because that is just what it is. It provides a plethora of choices, allowing you to tailor a solution that is effective to your specific needs. Because Meta Box offers such a wide range of configuration options, it will give the impression that you wrote all of the code from scratch.

There are over 40 distinct choices available for data collecting, and every one of them is simple to use. There are no predetermined settings; you may tailor any field to match your own requirements. It is possible to show any kind of data, including posts, attachments, words, and so on, depending on your needs. You are in control of the fields that are added, and you may reuse them in an infinite variety of ways.

Only include the components that are required, and enhance functionality as and when you see fit. You’re in charge. When you are ready, there is an unlimited number of choices and extensions available. Any WordPress theme, plugin, or website may seamlessly include Meta Box in its design. Utilize the extensive library of actions and filters provided by Meta Box to add even more functionality.

You will get all you desire with a custom fields plugin, whereas extensions will provide you with nothing you don’t need. You may combine more than 25 different extensions in any way you choose to get complex functionality. Make something that is tailored to your body and has none of the excess bulk.

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