This Add-in will assist you in effortlessly translating the text of strings from one language to another by adding brand-new custom functions to your Excel® sheets. These functions will let you translate text.

You may use the functions in exactly the same way that you use any other built-in Excel function, which means that using them is really simple. You may link Microsoft Excel directly to either Google Translate or Microsoft Translator by using their respective application programming interfaces (APIs). When you need translation services, you make payments directly to the service provider of your choosing.

You are not only given access to the translation formula but you are also given access to a menu system that has been developed especially to make the chores associated with translation easier. To translate the whole workbook, an entire page, or a range of cells that you have chosen, all you need to do is choose the appropriate option from the menu system and then click a few buttons.

This plugin will prove to be an excellent resource for you and a time saver if you often translate several cells at the same time. You will have the ability to translate several cells at once using the methods that Excel provides.

We have ensured that many of the complexities that are often involved in translating complicated workbooks have been addressed. For instance, taking care of the various encoding patterns used in many languages, managing the special characters, and translating text in Excel objects like comments, boxes, and so on are all examples of this.

This add-in makes it simple for your Excel sheets to establish a direct connection with Google or Microsoft’s API in an extremely user-friendly manner so that the contents may be translated. We are quite pleased to announce that our add-in has been downloaded from CNET a total of more than 19 thousand times.

Simply selecting a language on our drop-down menu and clicking the button that corresponds to it will cause the whole Excel worksheet to be translated into that language. You may be certain that the translations will be accurate by relying on the strength of the machine-learning translation engine provided by Google.

In order to translate a certain range of cells, if necessary you may use new custom routines. The functions are exactly the same as the standard Excel functions. Make note of the cells that still have their initial content.

Any version of Microsoft Excel, from Excel 2007 all the way up to Office 365 with a complete installation, is compatible with the add-in. This add-in will function well on a Windows computer as long as Excel is already installed on that system.

Excel Add-in for Google Translate – Buy Now

This add-in establishes a direct connection between your sheets and suppliers of translation services, like Google or Microsoft. Translation services are provided free of charge by you. Your agreement with the service providers is a matter only between the two of you.

In order to get translated text, your Excel program makes direct phone connections to their servers. We, on the other hand, make the whole process simpler, quicker, and more effective. In addition, a copy of your API key will be saved locally on your workstation.

You may eliminate the need to do so manually by translating language that is included inside Excel objects on your sheets, such as comments, shapes, buttons, or any other form. Take care of typical annoyances such as special characters, multiple encoding formats, and other such things without much effort.

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