Bambee is the world’s first outsourced human resource compliance solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to providing you with a dedicated HR Manager and HR Autopilot.

Bambee assists your company with employee onboarding, dispute resolution, terminations, federal and state human resource compliance, and general human resource policy and direction.

Bambee puts your HR on autopilot with the assistance of your personal HR Manager, allowing you to simplify your HR and automate your onboarding, policies, and even staff training programs.

In today’s world, Bambee’s HR Autopilot ensures that over 10,000 businesses remain HR compliant throughout the year, with up-to-date HR policies, mandated training, and frequent, two-way feedback between you and your staff, among other things.

Have you tried putting your HR functions on Auto Pilot?
Automated human resources practices including onboarding, training and other aspects of employee lifecycle management are provided by HR Autopilot. Additionally, Bambee may assist you to learn about staff problems that they may not be able to raise with you directly.


Quickly Identify Your Human Resources Gaps

The rules of human resources evolve. Audits allow you to discover any human resource gaps, and we then work with you to develop an action plan to bring your internal procedures up to date in order to keep your organization and workers safe.


Policies that protect your company while also standardizing your corporate culture

All of your key, protective rules are up to date, signed by your workers, and reaffirmed semi-annually thanks to HR Autopilot’s proactive monitoring. After that, your specialized HR Manager creates any customized HR rules that your company needs.


Training that keeps your employees compliant while also increasing their productivity

It is Bambee’s responsibility to oversee critical and often required training such as sexual harassment, workplace safety, and corporate ethics – and to report back to you on the success of everyone involved.


Provide feedback to employees in order to improve their performance.

Bambee’s Report Cards enable you to keep track of your employees’ progress toward their objectives and to engage in frequent discussion with them in order to provide praise, constructive comments, and corrective action.


Create a safe environment for employees to express themselves.

Employee Voices enables your workers to voice their concerns and warn you of possible issues using an online platform. But it doesn’t have to be terrible news; it may also be a wonderful opportunity for your employees to show their appreciation, either anonymously or publicly.


Comply with the EEOC’s Document Retention Guidelines.

Federal and state rules require that certain corporate files be kept on file for a certain amount of time after they have been created. Furthermore, you’ll never have to guess who signed what or where your critical human resources records are. They’ve all been brought together in your Smart Cabinet for your protection.

You need the human touch from time to time. Bambee provides you with a professional Human Resources Manager that assists businesses in developing HR policies and achieving HR compliance.

Employee Relations and Human Resources Problem-Solving

The most delicate matters need extensive deliberation. Your Human Resources Manager collaborates with you to achieve the best possible results for your company.

Create human resources policies and procedures, as well as company culture

Your human resources manager creates rules that are customized to your firm based on labor regulations and your unique corporate culture in order to improve alignment.

Onboarding, terminating employees, and navigating labor regulations are all important considerations.

Bambee can assist you with onboarding, terminations, and remedial measures, as well as provide clarification on any of your regulatory issues.

Coaching and guidance for employers with HR Autopilot Bambee

Your HR Manager gets to know you on a first-name basis and provides you with complete remote HR assistance as well as coaching when you need it.

We are a growing firm in need of assistance with our human resources. We hired Bambee and have been quite pleased with his work thus far. Our human resources representative has been attentive and prompt in responding with relevant HR information.

We are putting together our human resources rules and procedures far more quickly than I would have been able to accomplish on my own.

A Bambee HR specialist with extensive experience, training, and certification reviews all of our services and work on a continual basis. You will get all services as part of your set monthly subscription.

There are no hidden fees or additional expenses. Bambee’s optional Bambee Guided Payroll provides you the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and accuracy. Payroll that is simple, compliance with HR regulations, and help from your specialized HR Manager.

Bambee thinks that every company owner should be able to obtain professional human resources help at a reasonable price, regardless of their size. The following is an explanation of how our service operates:

Join Bambee and we’ll begin learning about your personnel as well as your present human resource processes right away. Don’t be concerned! Your department will be on HR Autopilot.

We don’t expect anybody to be flawless, and that includes ourselves. We’ll assist you in determining what needs to be updated in order to ensure that you are in compliance with state and federal standards.

You’ll be teamed with an experienced Human Resources Manager. Once we’ve discovered any shortcomings in your human resources processes, we’ll develop a personalized strategy for getting your company up to speed.

We’ll start by addressing your immediate concerns, and then we’ll take steps to offer stronger protection against any prospective threats.

Using HR Autopilot, you can automate and provide the important HR activities that any organization needs, such as setting the appropriate HR rules, providing training, onboarding new employees, and more.

Employee complaints that are not brought to your attention directly may also be discovered using Bambee, which allows you to offer frequent feedback to your staff while also learning about their worries.

When it comes to more complicated concerns, your HR Manager will walk you through every step of the process and answer all of your questions to ensure that you are fully protected. Whenever you need to dismiss an employee, we’ll walk you through the dangers involved and assist you in doing so in a safe manner.

Furthermore, once you join Bambee, we will be accessible to assist you with any future human resources requirements as long as you remain a member.

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