Because it provides a virtual location in which an event may take place as well as a number of services, Balloon elevates every gathering into something special and one-of-a-kind. This allows participants to form meaningful connections, feel like they are a part of a group, and have an elevated event experience.

The life of the organizer is made simpler by a straightforward setup, and moderating is smooth throughout the live broadcast. What’s the greatest part? Customer care representatives are there to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are always ready to find a solution to a potential problem.

Everyone praised the platform and the event, which we utilized to substitute a regional physical event that went off without a hitch. The transition was seamless. The platform provided a really easy and straightforward interface, and it proved to be an excellent tool for re-engaging with our sponsors, exhibitors, and long-time attendees. Balloon has already confirmed our participation in our next regional business exhibitions.


Organizing a digital event is an entirely different experience from organizing an offline event – both from the perspective of the organizer and the perspective of the participants.

It is necessary to reimagine your procedures and assets in order to increase actual involvement in terms of accessibility, convenience, and engagement. Balloon provided us with a tremendous deal of freedom and control in terms of putting things up.

We felt it was really vital for us to highlight our brand throughout the whole event, and Balloon provided us with the opportunity to do so. Most significantly, Balloon not only supported our idea but also helped us to expand it and raise the degree of value we were able to provide to participants.

The breakout sessions with our specialists were really beneficial and enjoyable for both the participants and the mentors who attended. We’re rather certain that we’ll be hosting our next event on Balloon!

Simple to Get Started

Creating and publishing virtual events is a basic and straightforward process. Create your organizer profile on Balloon Manager and then start planning your first event using balloons.

Tools for the Advanced User

Build endless stages using Balloon Studio or RTMP, and integrate with your favorite technologies such as Slack and Intercom. You can also analyze event data and integrate it with third-party applications.

Make your events more profitable

Set up complex virtual booths with multiple levels, allocate sponsors to different activities, and personalize the branding for your virtual event by using the tools provided.

A key factor in the growth of the virtual events sector is the desire of organizers to enhance awareness of their brand and bring together a broad collection of individuals. Because problems such as travel fees and a lack of time are instantly eliminated, virtual events may draw a wider audience than traditional events.

Virtual events, on the other hand, run the risk of becoming monotonous and depleting experiences for audiences as a result of passive material consumption. Engagement is the most important factor in a successful virtual event.

While audience involvement may be enhanced, it is not impossible to achieve peak levels of participation. The greater the amount of effort you put in to connect with your audience, the more long-term and trustworthy connections you will be able to establish with it.

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