As an eCommerce business, you’ll get support requests and opportunities for consumer service across many channels throughout the day. It’s critical to monitor customer support metrics to ensure that it adheres to industry standards, keeps customers satisfied, and is scalable to the size of your staff. How to Track Customer Service using Gorgias a crm software will be discussed in detail in this blog.

In this article, we’ll discuss where to begin and the top customer support metrics you should begin tracking immediately.

But hold on a minute. Why should ecommerce companies monitor customer service metrics?

When it comes to ecommerce tracking, customer service is usually the last thing on your mind. Consider inventory management, order monitoring, and marketing strategies.

However, your customer support should be quantified properly as well. This is why:

CS has a direct effect on income.

First impressions are critical in customer service. For 90% of Americans, CS plays a significant role on their buying choices. If a prospective client is dissatisfied with their experience, for instance, if you are too sluggish or incapable of assisting them, there is a high possibility they will never purchase from you again.

Good customer service is also strongly related to customer retention – if your most loyal clients are also your largest spenders, ensuring they always have a great experience pays dividends (literally). Consider implementing an omnichannel helpdesk such as Gorgias, which enables you to provide quick, customized, and automated experiences to your customers, saving you time and money.

Keep an eye on your CS team’s requirements.

By monitoring customer service KPIs, you may determine if your support team needs more training, new personnel, or alternative resources and tools. Metrics tracking and goal setting can serve as a motivator for your support staff to continuously improve and expand on what you’ve learnt over time.

Determine what is not functioning with Customer Service

Even the greatest support teams can improve – after all, we are only human! By monitoring certain indicators and comparing them over time, you can determine which areas your team should prioritize. For instance, if your average resolution time exceeds eight hours, you may consider upgrading your pre-written replies or creating a more streamlined process for obtaining answers to client queries.

The most critical computer science metrics to monitor

The following are the most critical KPIs for gaining actionable information into the status of your customer service.

Certain customer service KPIs may be monitored via your helpdesk software, while others need the use of a survey or feedback tool.

The following are the most important customer support KPIs to monitor:

The quantity of tickets

Monitor your ticket volume on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. This enables you to observe patterns over time and prepare for times when extra assistance may be required.

Tickets that remain unresolved

A major source of irritation for consumers is when you take an unreasonable amount of time (or never do) to address their issue or complaint. Establish a company-wide target for the number of unresolved tickets you expect in a month, and do not let them to accumulate.

Average time required for resolution

This is the time frame in which your team resolves and closes a ticket. A well-prepared customer service staff should be able to handle customer concerns in a matter of hours or days, not weeks. Make under-an-hour resolutions the norm, and save lengthier resolution timeframes for more complex or unusual tickets when they occur.

Average time taken to respond to benchmark Customer Service

This statistic indicates the average time it takes for your support staff to respond to client messages, not simply the first time they respond. This is critical since you do not want to keep clients waiting while a discussion is continuing.

Average time taken for the first answer

The term “first response time” refers to the time it takes for your team to respond to a client for the first time after they reach out. Respond to a client as soon as possible, recognizing their inquiry and informing them that you’re looking into it. Additionally, you may utilize a machine learning helpdesk such as Gorgias to monitor customers’ intentions and respond automatically to their queries.

Satisfied customers (CSAT)

You may use a survey or a website feedback widget to ask consumers to evaluate their level of satisfaction with your company on a scale of 1 to 5.

This number does not reflect consumer input on specific goods or customer service encounters, but rather serves as a general barometer of how people feel. If this score suddenly decreases or increases, you should investigate the cause.

Rate of single-response resolution

Everyone likes to save time – therefore save your customers’ time by responding to their queries with a single response as often as possible and setting monthly goals to boost single-reply tickets.

Rate of automated support resolution

Would you want to discover how well your automated assistance system can address tickets? You may filter out tickets that were not handled by a customer care agent and compare them to those that needed human intervention.

Tickets that have been converted

Converted tickets are those that result in a purchase within five days. For instance, new consumers may inquire about product size or availability, and a prompt and courteous response may immediately result in a sale. Gorgias enables you to track this and other income data.

The total number of tickets closed by each agent

You can keep track of the number of issues resolved by each agent on your support staff over the course of a week, month, or quarter. This will enable you to keep track of which agents are the most efficient, and you can request that they share their best practices with the rest of the team.

With the proper analytics, you can make more informed personnel, training, and systematization choices.

At the end of the day, a single poor customer experience—whether caused by an unsatisfactory answer or a lengthy resolution time frame—can have a detrimental effect on the customer journey. Satisfied consumers want not just superior goods, but also superior assistance.

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