Hostinger is a reputable web hosting company that is well-known for its cheap prices and fast loading times. Let us analyze why Is Hostinger shared hosting fast for WordPress?

However, is it the best web host for you?

The business is relatively young in comparison to other web hosting companies. However, since its inception, Hostinger has built a reputation for offering affordable web hosting.

Indeed, the site has 29 million members in 178 countries. If you consult my list of the top web hosting companies, you’ll see that Hostinger is also rated #1 for the most affordable web hosting plans.

Review of Hostinger Web Hosting

If you’re on a low-cost strategy, Hostinger should be considered. You may use this information to determine if Hostinger’s hosting plans are appropriate for your website.

The following are some of Hostinger’s most noteworthy features.

The Advantages of Hostinger Web Hosting


Reasonable Uptime

On the surface, cheap web hosting solutions may seem tempting. However, it is not worthwhile to go this approach if your uptime rates will be inadequate.

Hostinger’s uptime statistics are not the greatest in the market, but they are not the worst either.

Generally, we choose web hosting providers that maintain an average uptime of 99.9 percent over the course of a year. Hostinger has had months with a 99.8 percent success rate and as low as 99.04 percent, which has undoubtedly lowered their average. However, a few months of 100% uptime salvaged their average.

You must balance the expense against your requirements. If you have a tiny personal website with little traffic, 10-14 hours of downtime each year will not be detrimental to your business. If you have a commercial website, though, you’ll desire somewhat lower prices.

In general, Hostinger’s uptime rates are adequate for the majority of small websites.

High Speed Loading Time

Load times for Hostinger

When the price is so low, it’s easy to believe that you’re sacrificing quality. This is not the case with Hostinger.

Indeed, they provide some of the quickest speeds available at this price range.

According to Hostinger’s website, their server reaction time is 43 milliseconds, which is very fast. However, take it with a grain of salt. In none of my tests, I was able to verify this number. To be honest, you’d probably need a top-tier plan with very few strategies to accomplish those speeds.

In any case, you may anticipate loading times of between 300 and 400 milliseconds on average. Again, this is an excellent value for the money.

The market rate for page load time is closer to 900 milliseconds, thus Hostinger is more than half that figure. Is Hostinger shared hosting fast for WordPress? Well, you can see why it is now.

Guaranteed Refund

If you are dissatisfied with the web hosting services provided by Hostinger, you can request a refund within 30 days of signing up.

If you’re still undecided, this should be an excellent deal for you. In essence, you’re receiving 30 days of free hosting.

Thirty days is the industry standard for web hosting guarantees. Most providers will give you this period, at the very least, to change your mind and receive a refund.

While Hostinger’s money-back guarantee is adequate, it falls short of several other web providers. We’ll discuss this in more detail soon.

On-Site Assistance

Customer support is a critical component of a good web host.

Consider this. If your website has a problem and crashes, this has an effect on your bottom line. You need to be able to contact someone by phone or email who can assist you in resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Though if you’re using Hostinger to host a tiny personal blog, immediate communication with a customer care agent may not be a necessity. However, it is still critical.

Whatever your circumstance, it’s comforting to know that Hostinger’s live chat is simple and quick.

To verify, I wrote them a message requesting assistance and received a response in less than a minute. I was very pleased with the customer support representative’s approach and vocabulary. Their instructions were straightforward and simple to follow.

Additionally, Hostinger’s website has knowledge base articles that provide self-help assistance. I’d suggest utilizing them as a reference if you do decide to go with Hostinger.

One disadvantage is that there is no 24-hour phone support. Oftentimes, it’s easier to talk through a problem with someone than it is to type it out. That may be the deciding factor for some of you. Personally, I believe that live chat is perfectly acceptable.


Builder of Free Domains and Websites

Each of Hostinger’s shared hosting plans includes a complimentary domain and website builder. This is ideal if you’re starting from scratch and creating a new website. Additionally, it is beneficial if you are a novice.

Its drag-and-drop website builder enables you to quickly and simply modify a website without requiring any programming skills or experience.

They also offer a plethora of excellent templates that you may utilize as a starting point.

Templates for Hostinger

To be honest, Hostinger’s website builder isn’t the finest available. However, it is plenty for a basic website.

I would not make this feature the deciding factor in your purchase. However, it’s a great additional advantage for those of you searching for a low-cost web hosting provider that offers an all-in-one solution. Hostinger has the potential to serve as your one-stop-shop for web hosting, domain registration, and site-building.

Easy-to-use Interface

The Hostinger administrative dashboard is incredibly simple to use—even if you have no prior experience with web hosting or website management.

Everything is properly labeled, making it simple to locate what you’re looking for.
You’ll also have access to any installed applications, such as WordPress, from here.

Hostinger shared hosting simplifies the process of changing your use, upgrading your plan, changing your domain, and managing your email settings. Additionally, you may see your user data to determine if the plan you’re presently subscribed to fits the requirements of your website.

While Hostinger’s interface is simple, it is not without flaws. However, I will elaborate on this soon.


Hostinger offers some excellent limitless possibilities with certain plans.

Unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email accounts are included with both the Premium and Business shared hosting plans.

That is why I would suggest upgrading to a higher-tiered plan rather than opting for the entry-level price. I believe that the limitless and freebies are well worth the few more dollars per month especially if you want to grow your company in the near future.


Hostinger is inexpensive. Indeed, it is regularly one of the most affordable hosting choices according to our study.

However, be warned: you must commit to a long-term relationship in order to take advantage of their rock-bottom price.

As you can see, Hostinger shared hosting plans start at an unbelievable $1.39 per month.

To lock in this cheap monthly cost, though, you must commit to a 48-month commitment.

Bear in mind that your rates will increase slightly when it comes time to renew your contract. After four years at $1.39/month, Hostinger’s Single Shared Hosting renews at $2.99/month. Again, this is a very common technique in the world of web hosting.

Additional Considerations

Anything inexpensive typically has certain trade-offs. Hostinger is no exception. There are a few disadvantages to bear in mind when you examine their programs.

To access support, you must be logged in.

I have said that Hostinger provides prompt and dependable service. However, not all plans include priority assistance.

If you choose the Single Shared Hosting plan without any add-ons, you may have to wait a little longer to talk with a representative.

Additionally, you may use the live chat function only if you are signed in to your account.

This may be an issue if you are unable to access your account or have forgotten your password. Additionally, it presents a barrier to entry for prospective Hostinger customers.

This implies that if you are not an existing client, you will be unable to speak with a representative about their products and services.

Rather than that, you would just need to file a general question ticket through their website, and someone would contact you via email.

That is not ideal particularly if you want the best for your company and requirements.

cPanel as it is known today is not available.

While Hostinger has a user-friendly interface, they do not provide conventional cPanel.

This may be the deciding factor.

cPanel is, for the most part, the industry standard for web hosting. Therefore, if you’re used to utilizing cPanel, you may experience some frustration using Hostinger’s version.

However, those of you new to web hosting will see no change. The control panel provided by Hostinger will suffice.

Payment Terms Exceptions

As I previously said, Hostinger provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, there are several noteworthy exceptions to these words. You will not always get a complete refund for all of their services without any questions asked.

Refunds are not allowed for the following items under this policy:

  • Feeds for redemption
  • Renewals of domain names
  • Protection of personal information
  • Toolkit for SEO

The G Suite

Domain name registrations and transfers are refundable if canceled within the first 96 hours, not 30 days, after purchase.

Additional Domains Are Not Complimentary

Each Premium, Business, Cloud, and VPS package includes a free domain name. However, if you want to utilize Hostinger to host several websites, you will need to purchase extra domains.

The pricing is very reasonable. For only $0.99 per year, you may register or. tech domain. However,.com names begin at $8.99 per year, which is much more expensive than the other choices on this list.


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