Brain Sensei is the cost-effective, all-in-one solution for project managers preparing to sit for the PMP or CAPM certification tests. Practical ideas are taught via an interesting, animated tale that aids in the retention and recall of knowledge. Our course will prepare you to get your Project Management Certification while also developing your skills as a project manager. This is why you should Learn with Brain Sensei for your Project Management exams.

The PMP is the industry’s gold standard for project management certification, making it perfect for those in charge of large-scale projects.

The PMP is a globally recognized and sought-after credential that demonstrates your ability to fulfill the position of a project manager, managing and directing projects and teams.

This qualification enables you to earn up to a 26 percent income rise and advance to senior positions such as Senior Project Manager, Program Manager, Portfolio Manager, Project Director, Head of PMO, and Vice President of Project Management.
The qualifying and certification procedures are more rigorous, in keeping with the reputation conferred by this accreditation.

Are you a project manager looking to further your career by enrolling in a training course, passing the PMP test, and earning your PMP certificate? The Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional certification is a globally recognized credential that will help you stand out in the job market.

Bypassing the test and earning your PMP certification, you demonstrate to prospective employers that you possess the knowledge necessary to design, execute, and manage a project effectively.

The PMP certificate is not the only one available in project management. However, the PMP is unusual in that it is not country-specific. Certified project managers may be found in practically every part of the globe, and this certification test is widely accepted by a broad variety of businesses. This implies that persons with a PMP degree are not restricted in their job options and may work in a number of countries and businesses.

Additionally, acquiring the PMP certification is beneficial since it might increase your income potential. According to PMI’s Power Salary Survey, persons with certification earn an average of 20% more than those without.

Apart from increased compensation, certification may be advantageous when changing jobs or seeking a promotion within your existing firm, as it demonstrates that you have the necessary contact hours, project management experience, and an understanding of best practices.

PMP Exam

180 multiple-choice questions, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in-the-blank, 230 minutes (just under four hours), covering knowledge areas considered essential to project management practice, tasks consistent with project manager responsibilities, and project management situation problems to solve.

The PMP assesses your ability to think critically and apply your knowledge in certain settings. For instance, you may be given a challenge in which you must establish if the Cost Performance Index (CPI) or another computation is the proper one and then complete the analysis.

What is the next step for the project manager?

As you may have suspected, we also provide a Complete PMP Test Prep Course to assist you in preparing for the PMI exam. Our course has a track record of success, a money-back guarantee, and also satisfies the training criteria for test eligibility.

Taking Online PMP Training Courses

Brain Sensei’s comprehensive PMP Exam prep course is fully online and can be taken from the convenience of your own home office. Upon completion, you will get a certificate of completion. While some may doubt whether online courses are as useful as face-to-face instruction, there are several benefits to taking an online course.

The following are some of the ways that online education might be beneficial:

Effective learning compared to conventional classes: Because online courses provide students flexibility over how and when they learn, they may study at their own pace, unlike in a live class. You may work more quickly if you have prior knowledge in a certain field, or spend more time on an unknown material. Allowing yourself to study at your own speed enables you to absorb and retain more knowledge.

If you are like many professionals, you may be putting off enrolling in a face-to-face prep course due to the time commitment. The time investment is enormous if you already have a hectic schedule, from driving to and from school to sitting through lengthy classroom lectures.

Online learning environments are far more adaptable, involve less time commitment, and are better matched to your individual learning style. You will not need to go to and from school, and you will be able to finish Brain Sensei’s course and study materials on your own time.

Ecologically friendly: Online project management courses are not only more convenient for students, but they are also more environmentally responsible. Online training eliminates the need for students to travel vast distances to courses and study sessions.

This means you’re driving less, spending less energy, and emitting fewer hazardous pollutants into the sky. If you are concerned about the environment, you should seriously consider enrolling in an online PMP course rather than a live PMP certification training session.


Encourage self-discipline: Online courses often need more self-discipline than conventional courses do, since you spend the majority of your time on your own and do not have an in-person teacher to keep you responsible. Successfully completing an online PMP test course gives you self-motivation and time management abilities, which are desirable characteristics in the business.

Consistent support: When you enroll in an online course, you may believe you are on your own in understanding the subject. Online courses and training providers such as Brain Sensei’s PMP training class, on the other hand, give constant assistance. If you have a question throughout your PMP certification training course, please contact the course’s administrator and you will often get a response within a few hours.

Administrators are also more likely to offer a thorough explanation than they would during live project management training courses since they have the time to compose their responses thoroughly. Having access to a written record of questions and answers for the whole of one’s life is very beneficial for doing self-assessments or creating study tools such as flashcards.

This certification demonstrates that you possess desired soft skills and are among the best. You can successfully manage a project team in today’s shifting climate. You are conversant with the technical elements of project management. You have a keen sense of the relationship between projects and organizational strategy and possess the project leadership abilities sought by companies.

The new PMP incorporates two key approaches: predictive (or waterfall) and adaptive (agile and hybrid).

PMP certification provides you a competitive advantage over other project managers and demonstrates that you operate more efficiently. The PMP is the best project management certification in North America, according to CIO magazine, because it proves that you possess the exact talents companies need, a commitment to excellence, and the ability to execute at the highest levels.

The median income for project professionals is 26% greater than for non-project professionals. PMP certification demonstrates that you possess the abilities necessary to generate business outcomes and expand your organization’s influence both locally and globally.

PMP certification is more difficult to achieve and is more widely recognized. It demonstrates your expertise and experience as a project manager. This certification is required for certain upper-level project management positions and serves as a means of validating prior project management expertise.

Whichever one you choose, be proud of your accomplishments and demonstrate to others that you made an effort and worked hard to acquire your certification. Consider incorporating your qualifications in your email signature, and be sure to keep your résumé and LinkedIn page up to date. You may even choose to use the PMI digital badge that you get upon certification completion.

These digital badges convey important information to others, such as the date you obtained your certificate, the vital abilities linked with the certification, and the requirements for qualification. Don’t wait to start to Learn with Brain Sensei for your Project Management exams.

The efforts you make to retain your certification on an ongoing basis convey to others that you take your profession and training seriously, as well as to others who may not be aware, that you realize and value the work you have already made and continue to invest.

Displaying your certificate may educate others about a skill set they were unaware you have or encourage them to inquire about your experience and what you learnt while pursuing certification.