Why do some of your initiatives fall between the cracks?
Take a look at how utilizing Paymo may help you and your team avoid some of the most typical mistakes.

Our project data is dispersed across many different platforms.

Paymo replaces many of the tools you already use, allowing you to keep everything in sync under one roof – without the hassle of different integrations or the additional fees associated with multiple subscriptions. Provide your organization with a single source of truth by consolidating all of its data into one location.

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As a result, we arrive with inflated project estimates.

When estimating a project, you will no longer have to depend on out-of-date information from a variety of platforms, thanks to Paymo. Producing fresh estimates becomes a snap once access to past timesheet data and project templates has been granted.

We’re having difficulty meeting our deadlines.

A bird’s-eye perspective of everything that is happening in your firm is essential. Utilize multiple tools such as Team’s Tasks or Portfolio Gantt Chart to keep projects under control, or even see all of your team’s tasks on a global Meta Kanban board to keep everything under control.

We’re continually rearranging our resources.

A visual chronology of your team’s work is created using Paymo’s Team Scheduler tool. Easy planning, visibility into over- and under-reservations, and management of bookings even on a daily basis, complete with booking start and finish timings, are all possible.

We don’t always agree on the same things.

Real-time collaboration at the task level with task comments, prioritization, and process statuses are all possible. Boards allow you to keep everyone on the same page and check the progress of all tasks at a glance.

Keeping to a budget is a constant source of contention.

Due to the increased transparency and accountability provided by time monitoring, it minimizes friction between managers and workers. Paymo provides world-class time tracking solutions that your employees will like using, and it is completely free.

We sometimes have customers or stakeholders who are dissatisfied with our services.

Time tracking and time reporting data should be shared with your customers in order to maintain a continuous feedback loop. By communicating with them on the status of the project, you will go the extra mile and build trust in your work.

It seems that we are undercharging customers and that we are not being paid on time.

In the absence of time tracking, you will be overcharging or undercharging your customers, causing them irritation and maybe losing future employment. Our solutions assist you in obtaining a precise picture of how long work takes, enabling you to pay clients quickly and efficiently based on timesheet data.


The ability to set up alerts for key occurrences that demand particular attention throughout the course of a project’s lifecycle is available.

Templates for Projects

Task templates based on a current project may be created and reused for use in other projects in the future.

Gantt Charts are a kind of chart that shows the progress of a project.

When viewing a project’s start and completion dates, as well as its summary parts, the program displays them in a Gantt Chart format for convenience.

Gantt Chart for the Portfolio
It provides a “large view” as well as information on all of the projects on a single screen.

The Most Important Path

The program displays the route of scheduled activities that is the longest, as well as the earliest and latest that each activity may begin and conclude without extending the project’s duration anymore.

Alerts Email notifications are automatically sent to resources when significant changes occur, such as being allocated to a new task or being withdrawn from an existing one.

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