On a personal computer, Phototheca makes it simple to browse, arrange, and organize thousands of digital photographs and movies, as well as edit and share those collections. Import pictures from a variety of devices, including hard disks, network-attached storage (NAS), network shares, memory cards, and cell phones.

Remove duplicates, label photographs using relevant keywords, identify people’s faces and label them, organize photos into albums, edit them, and then upload them to the web. The picture editing program known as Phototheca comes with a comprehensive collection of features that can be used to enhance photographs and give them a fresh, eye-catching appearance.

The cutting-edge facial recognition technology is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and it can find the same individual in several images throughout the library and automatically organize them into albums. Tag images with your significant other in them, even if they can only utter “meow” and walk on all fours.

Phototheca is able to automatically identify individuals and compile all of their photographs into a single album under their given name. Stick every face to a digital corkboard, and you’ll be able to locate their photographs in a flash.

The most helpful tool set for arranging and arranging your photographs is provided by Phototheca. Using Events, Albums, Folders, and Smart Albums, you may assemble a picture library that is smart and hierarchical in nature. Tag your photographs with relevant keywords, people’s names, and the locations where they were shot.

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Filter by camera model or date. If the camera was set to the wrong date, you will need to correct the incorrect timestamps on the photographs. Create your own picture library that is polished and clear, and organized in the manner that you find most appealing.

You can see more or larger thumbnails by adjusting the size of the slider that controls the thumbnails, and you can change the height of the picture stripe while you are viewing a single photo. Utilize the Keywords tab to immediately begin searching for photographs based on keywords.

Through the use of your picture library’s incredible Calendar and Timeline capabilities, you may travel through the passage of time. Keywords should be included in photographs and videos. Utilizing the Search function, you may quickly locate photographs.

The duplicates identification and removal function identifies copies of picture files and provides a means to both see the locations of all duplicates and remove all of them at once. How often does it happen that you wind up with many copies of the same images in various folders on your drive, and you end up losing track of where things are?

Every piece of software designed for organizing pictures needs to be equipped with this function by default. Allow Phototheca to search for duplicates on your behalf. Simply import all of your folders that include images, and if there are any duplicates, the item that has been duplicated will show up in the Library. This will allow you to see what photos have been copied and where the copies are stored.

Because we wanted Phototheca to be a straightforward piece of software for modifying photographs, we loaded it up with a ton of different photo effects right from the start. You may give your pictures a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching appearance by applying one of the 56 high-quality photo filters to them with only the click of a mouse, and you won’t have to put in any further work.

In addition to the conventional picture filters, Phototheca also has a few extravagant filters that, when applied to photographs, may give the images a dramatic or distinctive appearance. Phototheca is the premier piece of software available for streamlining the administration of digital assets such as photographs and films.

Phototheca provides a variety of capabilities for users, including photo editing tools, password-protected safe boxes, support for metadata, rapid search, and a great deal more. These features are available to users of all skill levels, from casual picture-takers to digital photography professionals.

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