PropellerAds was established in 2011, and initially, it was seen as the most significant source of traffic for Popunder (which it still is, by the way). However, in contrast to its rivals, the advertising network is constantly expanding its capabilities. At this point, it is one of the major traffic sources that almost every affiliate is familiar with. The reach of PropellerAds has grown to more than 12 billion ad impressions per day at this point.

The advertising platform is compatible with all of the most common verticals, including banking, e-commerce, mainstream dating, sweepstakes, iGaming, utilities, gaming, and more, with the exception of adult traffic.

The PropellerAds formats include the following:

  • Push Notifications
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Direct Link (Smart Link)
  • Onclick ads
  • Popunder Ads
  • In-page Push Ads

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The traffic that converts well is the primary benefit that Propellerads bring to the table. Because of the tools, developing advertising campaigns does not take up a significant amount of my time. The fact that I consistently make a nice profit from the traffic they send my way is the single most significant factor.

The men always assist extremely actively, offer advice, and solve difficulties, and in general, a network enables you to earn big money if you know how to exploit its benefits. This is a fantastic network, and I want to say thank you in particular for the work done by personal managers.

As a global advertising firm, we have received very positive comments from our clients at Propeller Ads. We have put forth a lot of effort throughout the years. Initially, we focused on push marketing. However, we have shifted our attention to Smart CPA campaigns, and they are doing very well. PropellerAds has significant market potential and volume in an excessive number of geographies.

When we initially began working together on a business, we only had a little budget for marketing and advertising, but as we gained experience and saw the results of our efforts, we were able to see the full potential of our efforts and gradually expanded our expenditure. Popunder campaigns are the primary focus of our advertising endeavors. We also investigated different types of advertising formats; nevertheless, among the available choices, we discovered that Popunder campaigns had the highest success rate.

The degree of help that we get on a daily basis is far more than the norm. Our current account manager is someone who is not just someone we work with but also someone who we consider among our closest friends. Contact is maintained not only by e-mail and Skype but also via phone and instant messaging in order to reply to any issues that may arise. This, in turn, makes it possible for immediate modifications, adaptations, and optimization of the campaign.

There have never been any hiccups or problems during the handoffs from one account manager to the next; they have always been accomplished without a hitch. The accessibility of the online dashboard makes it possible to do everything from self-set up of campaign monitoring to the creation of campaigns, as well as the establishment of a smart CPM.

The most helpful element that supports us in expanding our company is the experienced and professional assistance of our account manager, which is the primary reason for our success with PropellerAds. This is the most beneficial feature that helps us to build our business.

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