The computer monitoring, content filtering, and time management features of SentryPC are all integrated into a single package and run entirely in the cloud. Whether you are a worried parent seeking software with parental control or a concerned company looking for software with staff monitoring capabilities, you have come to the right place.

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Keep a record of their actions

You will be aware of precisely what your users did on the computer as well as when they did it if all of their activities on the computer and the internet are logged in real-time and made available for inspection in full detail.

Adjust how you see their info

Filter programs, games, websites, and keywords for all users; choose whether to entirely limit material or choose particular hours of the day during which it is permitted or prohibited for each user.

Set a usage schedule for them

By designing daily schedules, you can control when your users are able to use the computer. You can choose which hours of each day users are permitted to use the computer and you can set maximum use limitations for each day or the week.

User-friendly interface that can be accessed from any location

Sign in to your private cloud storage account using any device that can access the internet, at any time of day, from any location in the world. After SentryPC has been installed on a machine, you will no longer need to visit it again since everything related to the program, including activity logs, reports, charts, downloads, settings, and more, can be found in your account.

Start Activity monitoring for your staff

Quit making educated guesses and start learning the specifics of how your customers utilize the computer and the Internet. Discover the programs they use, the people with whom they communicate, the websites they frequent, and much more.

Eliminate suspicious activity by implementing thorough content filtering rules, and impose use limitations by using the time management capabilities offered by SentryPC to further exert control over your customers.

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