Proof That Is Virtually Irrefutable

How many times have you wished you could have a record of what happened when a certain document was signed and completed in your presence? The Certificate of Evidence from BlueInk provides independent confirmation of disclosure as well as certification of each signatory’s agreement to the conditions of the agreement.

In addition to a comprehensive enumeration of all identity authentication procedures, the document includes a full audit trail that explains the activities conducted inside the document from its inception to its completion.

Defend Yourself Against Fraud

It is possible to be certain that your electronically signed papers will include the information necessary to defend against a challenge to their enforceability if the identities of the signatories are genuinely confirmed. The Certificate of Evidence is a document that securely substantiates the identities of all parties to a contract.

Security of Data and Platform

The BlueInk service is housed on a secure server architecture in a data center that has been certified to ISO 27001 standards. Data is encrypted while in transit and at rest, and data access is managed by procedures that comply with applicable federal and international requirements.

TLS/SSL encryption ensures the security of your data and documents while in transit. In addition to the robust security measures included in the BlueInk server architecture, the BlueInk platform is designed to offer extra safety for you and your organization. This is accomplished via the use of advanced engineering.

Fraud and impersonation are protected against.

With BlueInk’s robust identity verification capabilities, you can be certain that the people signing your documents are who they say they are. You may specify the amount of verification you need for every document from basic email authentication to a selfie and a driver’s license scan.

Furthermore, even more, complex authentication methods. Every time a document is signed, a Certificate of Evidence is created, which serves as a security audit record of all interactions with the document, including authentication events, throughout time.

Defending Oneself Against Mistakes

Never again will you be late for a signing. BlueInk guarantees that your papers are filled out in accordance with your specifications, and it gives your signers an easy-to-use, helpful signing experience, in which they are directed through the document review and execution processes.

Contractual Protection Against Disputes

BlueInk offers the option of Audio Guided Document Review, which may assist in ensuring that signers comprehend the documents they are about to sign. Make certain that any disclosures and other relevant provisions of your papers.

Are presented in the manner in which you want them to be understood. And be sure to record the results of the evaluation in order to demonstrate compliance with your rules and procedures.

Don’t compromise your safety for the sake of convenience. By using BlueInk, you may benefit from the simplicity of eSignatures while also benefiting from the robust security of the BlueInk document execution platform.

Authentication Methods that are both strong and flexible

With adjustable authentication for each signer, you may choose the amount of identity verification that is required for each document and for each signer, depending on the situation. All identity verification events are recorded in the Certificate of Evidence, which serves as a stand-alone audit trail of the signing process that is cryptographically protected.

Efficient and Consistent Service

BlueInk’s Document Templates allow you to create a document just once and then reuse it again and over without losing its formatting. Aside from that, BlueInk allows you to combine various document templates – for example, a Lease and numerous Addenda, or a Master Service Agreement and a Statement of Work – for more efficiency.

Together with SmartFill, Document Templates may save you even more time by combining information from signer records and quickly preparing your papers with little data input.

Identity verification that is both convenient and effective

Signers fill out the SmartLink Form with their basic information, and then they are sent an email with a unique link that allows them to begin the signing process. The need for an email address serves as the first form of identification verification. BlueInk’s other identity verification methods, such as SMS pins, selfies, or ID scans, may be used in conjunction with this approach if you so want.

With a simple text message, you can have documents signed more quickly

In contrast to email, which has an open rate of 20 percent, research suggests that SMS (text) messages have an open rate as high as 98 percent. People also react to text messages in a matter of seconds, as compared to an hour or two for email.

With BlueInk’s SMS delivery option, you may send your papers to recipients by text message, allowing you to have your documents signed more quickly and get back to work more efficiently. Furthermore, signers may receive and sign on almost any device, without the need to download any extra applications.