Audiense Connect is a Twitter marketing tool that is used by thousands of businesses and agencies across the globe to promote their products.

Consumer segmentation and cultural awareness should be at the forefront of any marketing approach. Identify relevant audiences, uncover great actionable insights, and use this information to influence your company growth strategy.

Audience segmentation is one of a kind

Understanding the audiences that truly matter may help you transform the way you make choices and uncover new prospects for growth.

Incorporating new ideas into existing practices

Learn how to engage and energize your audiences in the most effective way across numerous online and physical media.

Take Twitter to a whole new level with these tips.

Increase your brand exposure, develop the most effective acquisition techniques, and track the results of your efforts on Twitter.

Management and analysis of the community

On Twitter, you may get factual information about your town. Learn all you can about your followers and how to communicate with them effectively.

Chatbots and broadcasts are two types of artificial intelligence

Create your own opt-in chatbot in minutes using our Chatbot builder, which requires just a few clicks. Engage in direct communication with your subscribers/customers.

Monitoring and listening technologies that are cutting-edge

Complete coverage of real-time and archived (since 2006) Twitter material from across the world. Audiense offers conversation analysis as well as marketing targeting with a single click.

Using Twitter to Reach Targeted Audiences for Advertising

Construct the best-performing Twitter customized audiences available on the market today. It doesn’t matter how specific or vast your target audience is. The ability to sync with your Twitter Ads account is always available.

When is the best time to tweet?

Find out when your greatest time to tweet is and make the most of each and every tweet that you put out. Get the optimum tweet time from a specific sample of people and understand when your target audience is most active on social media platforms.

Take a look around your neighborhood

Get accurate information about your community based on a variety of parameters, get to know your followers on a personal level, and communicate with them in a productive manner. Tag them in order to increase the amount of information on Twitter.

Filtering, following, and unfollowing are all options

Find out who your new followers are and follow them back with ease. Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor. If it is your policy, you must return the following. Noisey buddies, prospective spammers, and inactive users may all be identified. Please refer to Twitter’s rules and regulations for further information.

When comparing yourself to your competition

Compare your Twitter account to other accounts or rivals so that you can see who has more followers and who they are, who tweets more often, what they normally tweet about, and so on and so forth.

Observations from the Twitter community

You may use this report to determine the overall quality of your Twitter community: time zone charts, language charts, users ranked by the number of followers, people ranked by the amount of recent activity, and so on.

Organize your Twitter lists

Create Twitter lists to keep track of all of your followers and pals. Engage with the appropriate individuals in order to improve the efficiency of communication.

Rule-Making Programmer

Create automated rules that are activated whenever someone who matters engages with you. This will save you time. For example, if someone with more than 20,000 followers decides to follow you, you will get an email. Isn’t that clever?

Chatbots and live broadcasts are both forms of artificial intelligence

Create your opt-in chatbot in a few minutes with our Chatbot builder and automatically communicate with subscribers or consumers through Twitter Direct Messages with our Chatbot builder.

It is possible to have a better understanding of your audience’s interests via the use of the Affinity Report. This allows you to make more educated choices regarding future content that will connect with and engage this audience.

Make use of an Affinity Report to discover who the audience follows the most and the least on Twitter, what their interests are, and what television genres and television series they like watching.

You may add any public account, regardless of its size, with the following restrictions: Audiense is unable to access accounts that have been designated as protected. The account that was utilized has no impact on your plan’s social connections and does not need to be added as a source to your Audiense account in order to work.

Adding members of a source necessitates that the source itself has already been added to Audiense, which has the obvious consequence of affecting your social relationships. A monitoring system, in the same way, must have been established earlier.

Advanced Audience Manager is a program that allows you to manage your audience in a more advanced way

Construct highly tailored audiences by quickly and easily combining filter options for user profiles, social connections, and user behaviors. This enhances the relevance of your Twitter Ads and Organic campaigns while also improving their effectiveness.

The term “audience” refers to a customized group of people that you wish to analyze and/or target, such as in a Twitter Ads campaign.

You may quickly and easily combine filter choices of user-profiles, social connections, and user behaviors to build highly tailored audiences that will increase the relevance and effectiveness of your Twitter Ads.

Because of this, the more precise your audience segmentation is, the more relevant your campaign will be to them, and the greater the likelihood that you will produce leads.

Create your audience by using the community wall as a canvas

Adding all users to an existing audience or creating a new audience is as simple as choosing to add to audience from the all criteria drop-down menu on the community’s bottom bar and entering their information. In the Audiences area of your webpage, you can view a list of all of your audiences.

A static audience may only be changed if you explicitly add or remove people from it; otherwise, it remains static.

A dynamic audience is one that is automatically adjusted depending on the rules that you provide when you create the audience in the first place.

A periodic audience will automatically update itself to include new users who meet the parameters that were specified when the audience was first created.

Due to the fact that Twitter audiences devour your social connections, it is required to define a maximum number of persons who may be added to the audience. This restriction cannot be more than 80 percent of your accessible social contacts, however.

This is done to avoid you from unexpectedly finding yourself in a situation where you have no social connections remaining after adding a new source, for example.

When determining the maximum audience size, take into consideration how many social connections you still have and how many you believe are essential for this audience, as well as how detailed or refined your criteria will be when creating the audience.

If you still have a large number of social connections remaining in your plan, you may set a limit that is larger than the projected total number of search results to ensure that you include all of the individuals in the audience.

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