You must strive to meet your clients where they are to really provide excellent customer service. Therefore, being present on all of their social media platforms – including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course, Instagram – is essential to building relationships with them. So what are the Tips to Improve Instagram Customer Service? Let have a look.

When it comes to Social Media however, utilizing them as one-way channels to simply advertise your goods is a mistake, since they are a great place for customer and prospective consumer involvement and interaction.

Customer engagement on Instagram may occur in a variety of ways, including via direct messages, comments on your posts, mentions in their Stories, and the use of hashtags to identify your business.

Being able to respond promptly, personally, and on brand to all of these interactions is a big gain for direct-to-consumer companies, as it allows them to build a strong community and use that community to drive sales when the situation calls for it.

However, maintaining track of all of the activity may be difficult since 24/7 monitoring is not always possible, and you must balance Instagram with all of the other channels through which your consumers interact with you (email, phone, SMS, live chat, etc.)

With an omnichannel helpdesk like Gorgias, you have the ability to respond to direct messages, mentions, and comments in real time. They have just announced that all brands will be able to respond to direct messages, mentions, and comments via their helpdesk.

This is significant because direct-to-consumer businesses can now monitor Instagram effortlessly alongside all other platforms, and use machine learning and automations to respond promptly and directly to their customers’ questions and comments.

Using a helpdesk to improve your Instagram customer service is simple if you follow these three guidelines:

Increase your productivity by using macros (also known as pre-written answers).

With hundreds (or thousands) of comments and mentions received in a single day, it may be tough and time-consuming to come up with responses for each and every one. A helpdesk such as Gorgias allows you to build a library of macros that include multiple kinds of answers for various situations.

You may come up with ten or more short, on-brand responses that your team can employ in rotation if you brainstorm them. Having more time to concentrate on interactions that need a human connection will free up your team’s time, while also enabling them to engage with consumers on a larger scale.

Customers who often tag your company or goods in their own posts, for example, may be easily encouraged to do so again by sending a short “thank you” to them through email. To save your agents time, you may build a macro that says “Thanks for the shoutout!” that they can use whenever they get a message stating that they have been mentioned in someone’s story or post on the site.

Utilize hashtags to keep track of Instagram Story remarks.

Instagram Story mentions are a great method to collect user-generated content (UGC) and keep track of both good and negative discussions about your business that are taking place. You must notify your team as soon as possible when you are featured on these sites since they are time sensitive (they only remain up for 24 hours).

Using Gorgias, you can tag tickets that arrive through the messaging channel with the phrase “Mentioned you” in the message body, allowing you to keep track of how often your business is mentioned in Instagram Stories over time. You may put it up as a Rule, which means it will be completely automated and will not need any more steps in your agents’ workflow, but it will provide you with valuable information.

Automate your processes to ensure that you never miss a client, even during off-hours.

It is not always feasible for companies to offer their consumers with round-the-clock assistance. It is possible, however, that chances may be lost if you do not have the proper tools in place to continue communicating with clients and prospective consumers when you are offline (especially if you have customers in different time zones).

Machine learning is used by Gorgias to automate answers to frequently requested queries such as “Where is my order?” and “How long will it take?” around the clock. You may also set up auto-responses to inform customers of your working hours and that you will get back to them as soon as possible after receiving their message.

In the meanwhile, you may direct them to another location for more information, such as a particular landing page or a FAQ forum, if they so choose.

For improving your Instagram customer experience, the three suggestions listed above are a fantastic place to start. If you need assistance in getting started, you may take advantage of this offer for two months free of Gorgias:

No matter where I’ve worked, small companies have always been able to give me interesting and unforgettable experiences. The proprietors are concerned about their clients and will work with you personally to ensure that you are completely pleased with every transaction you make.

The good news is that these unforgettable encounters don’t have to occur just during in-store conversations. You should also consider what you are providing to your target audience on the internet.

Your small company may use Instagram to connect with customers, show them what you’re up to, and continue developing great relationships with existing customers.

Know what you’re saying.

Engagement is a two-way street that involves both parties. Demonstrate to your consumers why they should remain loyal to your company. What services or products does your small company have to offer them? What exactly do they have to offer you?

Before you begin posting pictures on your social media accounts, consider the message you want to convey to your consumers. Instagram enables companies to create visual relationships with their customers and drive brand loyalty so make sure your pictures convey the same tone and message across all of your posts.

Elicit a strong emotional response

The majority of the images you upload do not have to be of your product. Maintain the freshness of your feed by adding amusing photos that are related to your brand.

Offer something unique and special.

Extending promotions and freebies is a fantastic way to keep your business alive, generate engagement, and inspire people to buy your products..

Encourage your consumers to re-post your pictures on social media in exchange for a specific percentage off their next purchase. Give away a little gift to the first 20 consumers that respond positively to your picture. Customers should be encouraged to snap a picture with their favorite bought goods and tag you in it.

Show your gratitude by thanking your client in person!

People like hearing that they are valued and respected. Inquire with a client about the possibility of sharing a picture of them with their new items from your shop.

Include a short explanation of why you wanted to share their picture with the world, or ask them to provide a statement on why they support your local small company. This is a fantastic method to connect with current customers while also demonstrating to prospective consumers the level of devotion your company inspires.

Respond to the people that follow you.

Keep an eye on what your fans are saying about the photos you publish, both good and bad, and make adjustments as needed.

Demonstrate to them that you are interested in what they have to say. Respond to comments and make an effort to follow them back, as well as interact with what they’re posting when it’s appropriate.

Include your most up-to-date contact information in your bio.

When a client visits your Instagram profile, the first thing they will notice is your bio description. Customers who read your bio are more likely to believe in your company because of the contact information you provide in it.

It is possible to give alternative choices to your Instagram followers even if you do not provide customer care on the platform. Ryanair is one such example, in which the business clearly highlights its customer support channels in their corporate profile, as seen below.

Manage Instagram comments and ad comments in a proactive manner.

In response to dissatisfied customer complaints, it is possible to not only avoid losing those clients but also to attract new ones if you respond quickly to their complaints. Customer relationships may be built via the use of comments, and by portraying your brand in a helpful and pleasant way, you can do so.

How to Configure Instagram Quick Replies for Direct Messages

Even if you’re not actively soliciting customers on Instagram, the chances are good for receiving the same questions over and time again on the platform. It may take a significant amount of time to type the identical answers to each inquiry.

Rather, you may use queries that you get to create short responses, and setup many answers to frequently requested questions.

Self-Service Options Should Be Provided

Instagram offers self-service options for both business and personal accounts, since many users choose to handle issues on their own, rather than contacting customer support.

For certain frequently asked questions, we suggest making an Instagram story highlight. You may develop and collect numerous tales for different questions into a FAQ highlights album that your audience can access whenever they want, without having to search for them.

Keep an eye out for mentions of your brand.

Monitoring customer mentions is essential if you utilize Instagram for social customer support.

In addition, we suggest that you set up push alerts for all comments, direct messages, and brand mentions.

Even while the number of social media users continues to increase, and consumers increasingly want brand contact on the platforms they use most often, the concept of delivering social customer care is not new.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should utilize Instagram for social customer service, here are three compelling arguments for doing so.

Business-specific Instagram features include group discussions via direct messages, an Instagram story question sticker, clickable links, and push alerts, among many more.

Instagram, although not the most apparent customer service channel for companies, is nevertheless a solid channel for handling Instagram customer service questions provided you have an Instagram account and advertise your company on the site. Above are the Tips to Improve Instagram Customer Service for your personal brand and business.