I’m not sure about your particular experience, but what I’ve seen is that two variables come into play. Why can’t I make money through affiliate marketing? Well, while the main discipline is in mastering four critical areas: traffic, capture, follow-up, and sales system.

First, let’s talk about the four categories. Consider the words “discipline” and “accountability.” Consistent action, in my opinion, is a critical component of success in any company. Why is it so tough to take consistent action? Because everyone’s attention is drawn to the final product and not to the details.

When you see everything through the lens of the completed objective, you feel overwhelmed and perplexed. What is the function of a perplexed mind? There is no response. This alone will lead many people to postpone. This procrastination will result in a lack of momentum and failure to achieve your objectives.

The way we think about things is another contributing factor to our poor performance. From our youngest years, the majority of us have been indoctrinated with the idea of attending school, graduating, and finding work. With this employee mentality, and as an employee, you are obligated to report to work and do your duties.

A salary check is a bait hanging in front of you. Consider that the majority of us need income in order to put food on the table. Money is the only motivator that keeps our feet to the fire regardless of whether we love every part of our jobs.

We should take a look at the other side of the coin. The realm of entrepreneurship. In this environment, success is highly dependent on personal motivation. Thus, you are taking employees and asking them to do work without supervision, without fear of negative repercussions, and without fear of job loss if they do not show up or perform.

What do you believe will transpire? Almost certainly nothing. Why? You are not answerable to anybody. As you can see, this may be a factor in the online world’s poor success rate. This is not because the individual is unable; rather, it is due to a lack of responsibility.

The following are the four critical aspects of operating an internet business:

Website Traffic

This is the area in which your audience congregates. Traffic. Traffic is classified into three types: traffic that you control, traffic that you do not control, and traffic that you own.

You are in command of the traffic

Essentially, what you’re doing here is paying for people to view your advertisement. Pay-per-click, banner, native, and email advertising are just a few examples. The difficulty is bringing together high-quality content and lucrative advertisements. This procedure will take time, and if you do not follow the proper approach, you will lose money.

One thing is certain, and one error you want to avoid, and that is that not everyone is your audience. Many marketers fail to limit the reach of their ad to a particular demographic, which is the primary cause of paid advertising failure. As a result, the phrase “paid advertising does not work” is coined. Because it did not work for me, it is a fraud.

You have no control over the traffic

This is the natural method, in which you approach strangers on a daily basis. Blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, forums, video sharing sites, and press releases are all known examples. The goal is to establish rapport and credibility with them.

To achieve momentum with this technique, you must constantly introduce yourself to new individuals and abandon any notion of how quickly I can give them my link. Additionally, this method assists you in identifying your ideal client. This ideal client becomes your Avatar. This information may assist you in resolving the problem of low performance with sponsored advertising.

You own the traffic

This is the location you want. At this stage, you’ve obtained an email address, and the individuals on this list have comparable interests. As a result, when you provide them with an offer, they are more than likely to make a buy based on your suggestions. Additionally, this reduces the cost of acquisition, the money paid to acquire this client, and helps your company become successful.


This is the next jigsaw piece. If you pay for traffic, you are essentially offering a bribe to encourage people to stop what they are doing and click on your offer. Now, no one is going to give you their email address willingly. As a result, you must provide something very desired.

This might be a video training, a downloadable PDF, a case study, a webinar, or any other kind of resource that a person would find beneficial. After you’ve developed the bribe concept, it’s time to build the Capture pages. Capture pages are web pages that typically consist of two pages:

Opt-in page

The opt-in page, sometimes known as a squeeze page, is the initial page. Your primary objective here is to acquire or capture any email address. This is where your imagination comes into play, as you are probably aware, your audience is inundated with offers. As with hearing the same music again, you get used to these offers. The customer is presented with two options: opt-in or exits the website. It is all up to you.

The second page is devoted to the bridge

In general, this page is easier to design in terms of content. This is where you express gratitude, educate them on how to obtain the information they asked for, and tell them of what they may anticipate from you in the future. On the organic side, here is where you begin to establish a more intimate connection with individuals. Through discussion, you’ll learn about their problems and how you may be able to help.


This is the point at which money is produced. Frequently, you will utilize an autoresponder in this stage. An autoresponder is a piece of software that enables you to send out a pre-programmed series of messages. The benefit of using an autoresponder is that these messages are sent out according to a preset timetable established by your marketing strategy.

AliExpress WW

Each time you add a new subscriber to your list, this person will get all of your previously written emails. All you have to do is press replay. You are no longer need to write individual emails to each person in your audience. A few words of caution: When drafting your emails, keep the following in mind:

Recognize your intended audience. A twenty-year-old will have distinct wants and worries from someone in their fifties.

Bear in mind that you are here to assist someone in resolving an issue. Emails should be scheduled and planned in advance so that they flow naturally. The purpose of an email campaign is to keep your name in front of recipients in order to foster trust and confidence. If you use organic techniques, you may interact with your customers through messenger and other social media postings.

System of Sales

I refer to this as the Ultimate funnel. The idea is that you begin with a low-ticket item and work your way up to a high-ticket one. The majority of individuals you will come into touch with will not purchase anything from you the first time they come into contact with you, particularly something of great value.

You’re going to have to establish rapport with them, which takes time. Now that you’ve obtained the ideal funnel, you can begin guiding them through the process of strengthening your connection and instilling trust in you with each transaction. As their confidence develops, it becomes simpler for them to invest in something a bit more expensive.

It’s also important to consider the cost of gaining a new client while creating an ultimate funnel. When I previously said, as your cost of acquisition decreases, your profit margin increases. That is, when customers progress up the value ladder and take advantage of new offers, you pay no extra acquisition costs. Why can’t I make money through affiliate marketing? I hope this blog has answered your question, its smart work with a disciplined, consistent approach that can bring success.

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