InterServer is a cost-effective, full-service web hosting company that provides superior customer support through various channels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Let us look at Why InterServer Web Hosting is an ideal choice for your business?

InterServer offers a range of hosting choices, including shared, virtual private server, and dedicated plans, as well as colocation services for those who want to own their physical infrastructure. All of InterServer’s plans provide a comprehensive set of features that simplify the process of building and managing your website and online presence.

From small enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations, they serve a diverse variety of customers. Today, InterServer manages all aspects of their hosting company in-house, including server development, network development, and Linux kernel customization.

Regardless of whatever web hosting package you ultimately choose, they utilize high-quality hardware, and they take great pleasure in their redundancy and underutilization of resources in order to provide you with optimum speed and uptime.

Datacenters Located Throughout the United States

In the United States, InterServer offers four data centers, which provide good coverage for clients in North America. We identify assaults and duplicate protection rules across thousands of servers and websites using data from thousands of servers and websites. This allows us to halt attacks before they begin.

Infrastructure that is secure

In order to safeguard their servers in the case of a flood, their buildings are highly fortified with biometric access points, backup power, and HVAC systems, and elevated floors to prevent flooding. InterServer is able to guarantee 99.9 percent uptime and 100 percent power uptime due to these characteristics. The datacenters are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by experts and security personnel.

What Types of Hosting Are Available?

As with any other web hosting provider, shared plans are the least expensive, followed by VPS, dedicated, and colocation plans. InterServer, on the other hand, provides distinct “levels” within each plan, allowing you to choose and pay for just the resources you need.

This implies that lower-tiered plans may sometimes cost more than higher-tiered ones. For instance, a plan at the top of the VPS price range may be more expensive than a dedicated hosting plan at the bottom.

Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting are two of the most popular kinds of hosting provided by Interserver. We’ll examine what each kind of hosting implies for your company in the sections below.

While web hosting is intended to keep your data safe, accessible, and available at all times, the domain is a distinct entity. Domain ownership may be bought independently, sometimes for the sole purpose of acquiring ownership of the domain name.

To connect the two, the web host provider usually assigns nameservers to your website, which you may then enter at your domain registrar/website. Once this is done, the internet will identify the domain as being associated with your website!

Free migration service

Please have a complete Cpanel backup available for download prior to doing a basic shared hosting transfer. While you are not required to upload it to your new Interserver shared hosting account, doing so will save time. There should be no data in the current Interserver account since the backup would erase any existing data.

Email Delivery Guaranteed

We addressed a frequent issue with email deliverability. Your email will be sent from a server other than the site hosting server. We send and receive emails through a gateway server. When necessary, deliver it through Amazon SES. Spam is removed from messages. Other email providers’ reputations are maintained. We ensure that the message you send is always delivered.

Account for shared hosting

Because websites come in a variety of forms and sizes, your budget must be adaptable to the choices available to you. At InterServer, we provide a basic web hosting plan that includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email. To meet the requirements of about 99 percent of our clients.

Bloggers, small company owners, and e-commerce websites are just a few of the types of websites we host. Certain websites achieve a certain level of popularity and ultimately outgrow the resources available in a shared hosting environment, necessitating a migration to a Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server. While an update is needed and is often linked with a greater cost, it is typically indicative of positive development.

Your website is increasing in popularity! The advantages include improved speed, load times, and dependability due to being hosted in a more private environment. If you believe your demands exceed those of Shared Web Hosting, contact us and we will explore the best alternatives for you.

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